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03/17/09 37 wks Drs. Appt. – St. Patrick’s Day

03/17/09 37 wks Drs. Appt. – St. Patrick’s Day

Went to my doctor’s appt., weight was 157lbs., so up two pounds from last week, not bad, however blood pressure was up yet again, 150/78, so scaling up, nurse was NOT happy to see that. They did the urine profile and found no protein’s in my urine. However, he sent me over to the lab to do a liver profile to make sure my liver is functioning okay. I also did test positive for my Grp B Strep, so she told me they would re-check me in the hospital prior to delivery before administering antibiotics. Baby’s heartbeat was good, doc said she was still growing and estimated her weight so far to be 6lbs. Cervix was still closed but he said he could feel she was head down in position. So next appt. has been set until he makes a decision or I have any changes before that appointment. ARRGGGGHH, ready to have baby.

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Barb said...

Sounds like it will be any day now! Hang in there, this will all soon be a lovely memory :)