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Sean & Tammy Smith We are the proud Parents of little Miss Autumn Marie Smith and look forward to everyone joining us on this journey of information and photos from the beginning of the pregnancy to the birth and enjoying our baby with us.


12-31-08 More Hiccups


Well it is New Year’s Eve, I cannot celebrate by bringing in the New Year 2009 by drinking a bit or dancing, way too big in belly and can’t have the alcohol. However, today my little gave me another fun treat to help me end the New Year, by getting yet another case of the hiccups, which just feels SO WEIRD!

Then I was organizing my Nursery a bit and decide to play some musical animal stuffies that play some cute familiar lullabies and the baby starting kicking so I held the stuffies up to my tummy for the baby to hear better.

I am looking forward to the New 2009 Year as we continue to hit our milestones together and move closer to the due date.

What is Needed Still

A few folks have asked me what we need now that we are getting closer to the due date. We will still need Bath accessories (Towels, wash rags, shampoo, etc.), Diapers & Wipes (sizes 1 & up), Clothes (sizes 0-3 mos. & up), SOCKS, shoes, crib sheets and basic care supplies. Hope this helps for those asking and or watching the blog.

Tammy & Sean
(Proud Parents to Be)

12-28-08 (First experience of baby hiccups in Womb)


Today I experienced our baby getting it’s first set of hiccups in the womb. It felt like repeated twitching sort of under the skin in my lower belly, it was quite funny. I guess we both ATE GOOD.

Our Rainforest Pack N' Play

Here is our hand me down Rainforest Pack N' Play we got, just LOVE IT . . .

Another Set of Grandparents to be - Daddy's Parents Photo

Grandpa and Grandma Vigil - located in New Mexico

Daddy & Mommy Share Xmas 08 with baby in Womb

Daddy grabbed our presents for the baby under the tree and sat on the couch with Mommy and told the baby what she/he got. The baby got:

3 Onsies
1 Outfit – Green Neutral Jungle Themed
2 – Pacifier’s
2 – Bibs
3 Rubber Ducky’s for the tub
Pacifier Holder that clips on the clothes
Horsey Jumperoo
Fleece Blanket

Yesterday the baby got a 3 pkg of Jungle Neutral Sleepers from my brother Johnny.

Our BeBe Fetal Heart Monitor

Yesterday on the way to Mom’s for our Xmas gathering, we stopped off and picked up a fetal heartbeat monitor for a whole $6.00, he he he he, another one of my good deals I found.

It is basically an amplified Stethoscope, will be cool to use on me and even the puppies, ha ha ha ha ha, we have a normal stethoscope but it will not pick up the pup heartbeats or the babies, just not sensitive enough.

Right now directions said to use it in the third trimester for the best results on a heartbeat, but we have heard a faint heartbeat so far and when the baby is moving it is perfect for hearing all the bumps against the stethoscope. It has a recording device on it for me to record the sounds, COOL HUH, I will have to play around with it and see how it works between now and the third trimester phase. If I ever get any good sounds, I will record them and send them for folks to listen.

One thing is cool is it can also allow me to record my own heartbeat for after the baby is born to help relax the baby. I will have to do this, that will be COOL . . .

Mommy to Be's Parents

Here is grandma and grandpa Halladay, they just had these photos taken.

Reading to Baby in Womb

25.5 wks Prego (6 mos.)

Our couples photos taken in Xmas 08

Our couples photos taken in Xmas 08

Me and Sean Xmas 08 (I am 25.5 wks Prego)

My Niece & Me Pregnant Xmas 08

My Niece is 16 yrs. old against my 41, ha ha ha ha, my Niece Heather is a little over one month ahead of me in her pregnancy and due in Feb.09

Light & Fan Switch Pulls for Nursery

Daddy Smith was able to attach the Light and Fan Switch pulls we made out of jungle animals in the Nursery

Finishing Up Last Minute Paint Touches in Nursery

Daddy Smith was able to finish up the last needed paint areas in the Nursery, the trim around the doors and staining the entry door and closet door.

baby Hand me Downs

Here are some wonderful hand me downs we have gotten

Craft Jungle Puppets Project DONE

Daddy Smith got this little project one day while out shopping for a few baby items . . . soooo, yet another craft project I needed to get done before the baby arrives, so another craft project DONE . . . he he he he

They are so cute

12-16-08 24 wks OBGYN Appt. Results

Nothing major to report, baby is doing good, heartbeat was strong and baby even kicked the heartbeat wand, he he he he, baby growing good, Mom’s check up report . . . doing good, weight is up to 132lbs. from 129lbs., he he he he . . . just all baby so far, hopefully I will stay all baby during this pregnancy . . . doctor says my weight is fine and urine sample tested GOOD.

Next appt. is Jan. 13th, at 9am, I will then go immediately to the lab to be tested for my Glucose screening (gestational diabetes) after completed at the lab we go back to the doctor’s office for an Ultrasound, YEAAAHHH another US scheduled, this time I hope to get a profile shot of the baby and will question the sex again as well to get a better confirmation.

24 wks Prego Photos (12-14-08)

Well here are the latest shots, as you can see I have GROWN a LOT, IMO . . . he he he he. My next doctor’s appt. is Tues. 16th and I will see how things are progressing. I will post any updated news from the Doctor soon.



Completed Mural 3

I have completed finally all my nursery murals that I will be doing, I have posted All the photos of this blog, just be sure and go back and look at older posts to see them all! ENJOY!

This Mural adorns the wall over the Changing table

Sean & Tammy Smith
Baby Smith due April 6th, 2009

Baby’s Website

Last Section of Mural 3 Completed - Zebra 2

Second Scene of Mural 3 Completed - Tree

First Scene of Mural 3 Completed - Zebra & Butterfly

First Scene of Mural 3 Completed, this scene will go on the wall that will be behind the changing table.

Newest Mural in the works

Here is US working on the latest Mural. It is a Zebra Scene . . .I told Sean on Sunday I was going to go work on the newest mural and he said can I help and I was like . . . . YES YES YES . . . so I caught Daddy Smith in photos working hard on painting the newest mural’s tall tree . . . he he he he

The first Zebra was completed yesterday as well.


Second Monkey in Crib Mural Completed

Today after being sick with a bad head/chest cold I was able to do a little work on the nursery mural that goes over the crib. I finished the second Monkey today, now all I have left is the last Palm tree for this scene to be completed.


12-02-08 Baby Wiggles

Tonight, Daddy Smith was finally able to sit and place his hand on my belly and get lots of entertain with baby Smith. While soaking in the tub, baby’s favorite movement time, I called in Sean, told him to place his hand on my belly. Sean put his hand right where my panty line would be (of course this is normal panty line, not prego panty lines, ha ha ha) and the entertainment began. He got some GREAT kicks/punches until the baby literally wore itself out playing against daddy’s hand. It was a shining moment and we look forward to many more to come.

Re-painting an Old Bookcase for Nursery

Daddy Smith stripping, sanding and re-staining the Old Bookcase for the Nursery

Baby Registry Information

Tammy Smith and Sean Smith are expecting on April 6, 2009, and have a Baby Registry at the following registries.

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11-29-08 Daddy Smith puts Stroller together

Daddy Smith put the baby's stroller together

Third portion of Mural 2 Completed today (11-27-08)

Okay got the third scene portion on mural 2 done today. Here is my first little Monkey done . Next will be finishing up the Vine and working on the next Monkey, then the last palm tree. Almost there with the whole mural that will go over the crib.


Nursery Wall with Dresser

This wall that sits behind the dresser will NOT have a mural, we have hung decorative wall hooks that came with and match the bedding on this wall. I put the little animals on the Frame on the dresser and the Elephant Piggy bank was mine as a child that now will be used and passed onward to Baby Smith.

Second portion of Mural 2 Completed

Here is my little Elephant in progress and finished.

First portion of Mural 2 Completed

Here is the first portion of the Second Mural completed, I still have the vine & Monkey in the center to do and the last Palm tree on the other side.

11-23-08 First Mural Painted by Tammy

Last night I traced the Giraffe mural on the wall and when I got up this morning both of us went to work on our separate projects. Sean worked on finishing up sanding the book shelves and putting the first coat of stain on it and I went to work working on the first Mural.

WOW, hard work, took me from morning till 3pm to get this smaller of all the murals done between me taking breaks and letting paint dry in between the colors and coats. All in all I would say it turned out cute and once the curtain is back in place hiding the neck base it will look like it fits in well.

Here are the snap shots we tried to grab of me working on it and the finished product. I can’t wait until I get all the planned murals done and we set the room up.