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03/14/09 More Contractions Again

I was UP all night with false labor pains again, a lot more intense but very irregular, it would start in my back really painful, but some contractions would only last a minute in between, others would be 4-5 minutes in between, some contractions mild while others intense, also lots of belly cramping and pain, they finally did stop and I got to rest, Sean could never go back to sleep and this started around 3am again and now this morning I have severe diarrhea and a headache but contractions have stopped besides the intense Braxton hicks ones, so I going to try to rest today since I feel so loopy and my head hurts. I have already spoken to my doctor this morning, we are all just sitting idle and he wants me to just contact him at this point if things change before my Tuesday appointment.

However, I have started this morning as well still experiencing heavy pre-labor pains or braxton hicks as they call it.

Both me and Sean were up most of the night as we both were reluctant to go to the hospital again only to sit for tons of hours having them blow me up with fluids.

So we wait yet again . . .


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