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Sean & Tammy Smith We are the proud Parents of little Miss Autumn Marie Smith and look forward to everyone joining us on this journey of information and photos from the beginning of the pregnancy to the birth and enjoying our baby with us.


10-30-08 My Second Trimester Worries

The latest is I am worrying over is my eating habits. I don't want to eat, nothing is appealing to me at all in the house or outside of the house (Restaurants) . I am worried I won't gain the proper weight or provide the proper nutrition for the baby if I don't want to eat that much or stuff myself. I seem to be bird picking at food just periodically through the day, sort of like I did while going through my 1st trimester all day morning sickness, but catch is, this time I am able to at least hold down what I do eat.

So I will be scrambling to correct this problem through reading, doctor instructions and attempts to stuff myself.

10-28-08 New Ultrasound Sex Determination

Hey all, we had a SUPER SUPER BUSY day yesterday. . . .

Our morning consisted of getting up and getting the morning rushed to tend to the dogs and their needs before heading out to my doctor’s appt. My appt. was at 11am and took up most of the afternoon. We went in, I got lucky for once, I got to go to the OBGYN and not have to undress, ha ha ha ha, us women sure love those kind of OBGYN appts. I had my discussions with both attending nurse and my doctor concerning the fact I was not going to do the Amnio test. After the discussions, we headed over the ultrasound room and had to do a lengthy wait in the waiting room due to other expecting mother’s enjoying the room before us.

During the ultrasound both me and Sean were very anxious as this ultrasound was to cover all the detailed checking of the baby with measurements, etc. Everything looked GOOD with the baby in head, stomach, femur measurements and placenta. Then came time to ask the doc if he could tell the sex. Boy was that a chore to discover, the little one would NOT BE STILL and the doc had the hardest time in getting a good fix on the baby to get an accurate reading, it was taking so long we thought he was going to eventually give up but the doctor must have liked a challenge and stuck with it and was able to get in a few brief shots of the rump area, giving us this comment, “Well I just don’t see a scrotum, so it is a GIRL by default, which of course made us all laugh hard and excited Sean greatly as he wanted a baby girl and to also win many bets that were out there. HOWEVER, the baby is still super small and I am still early in gestation weeks at 17 wks so no one go out and starting knitting pink yet as we are all still holding off for my third trimester ultrasound to confirm the doc’s finding that it truly is a baby girl. BUTTTT for now, we ARE excited to say we are having a baby girl. I have added the photos of the ultrasound on my baby blog page, that were given to me. Unfortunately we did not get any side profiles or facial shots of the baby, BUMMER, as we and Baby Smith caused the doctor to fixate on that rump area to do some sex determining, ha ha ha ha.

After the Doctor's appt. we head over to the Lab and I had to do blood lab work for a scheduled test the OBGYN wanted - TAST-MS. Not sure what this test consists of but I will be on the internet trying to find out.

So that is our latest baby girl update . . . we were super excited to hear all was going well with me and the baby and to get an idea of the sex. I am very tired today after such a long exciting day and will probably be doing a lot of resting today, he he he he.

Tammy & Sean

Our Crib Bedding Set Theme - Zanzibar Jungle Animals

We are doing our nursery in the Zanzibar baby Jungle Animals theme, here is a photo of a lot of the items we have collected so far, we still have a long way to go in painting and decorations yet for it to all come together.

The baby's Bassinett

Here is the bassinett daddy Smith brought home for baby Smith

10-26-08 - Daddy Smith puts together the crib

The crib arrived on Sunday, brought in by grandparents Mark & Nelly Smith and Daddy Smith started putting the crib together.

Oct. 21, 08 - 16 wks Prego photo

Names we are considering at this point . . .

Boy Names

Girl Names

Middle Names

Christopher – Male
Marie - Female

We started working on all the little steps it takes to transform the office/spare room into the Nursery on 10/16/08. I will post photos of the slow process of transforming the room as we make enough progress to post shots, so all the hard work can be logged.

Oct. 7, 08 - Our Second Doctor's Appt.

Oct. 7th, doctor’s appt.:
okay here is what happened with my 2nd doctor’s appt. that I had yesterday. We arrived and I got called back by the nurse to begin. Sean had decided he did not want to go into the exam room anymore so he waited out in the waiting room for me. After losing a significant amount of weight due to my pregnancy sickness for the first three months, I am back on the upswing of gaining weight. I weighed one pound under what I originally weighed when I went in to confirm the pregnancy, which made me happy to see I am back to gaining weight or at least the baby is helping me gain weight, ha ha ha. Blood pressure GOOD.

While going through the weight check and blood pressure check the nurse I had was not one I really enjoy getting, she is older and reminds me of my last boss in tactfulness, age, looks and attitude, YIPPEE! Anyhow, she began to tell me that the appointment that would follow this one would consist of me being screened for possible positive results of the baby having birth defects. Then she rolled right off her tongue that if the results came back positive would I be terminating the pregnancy and that would I be going to Houston to have the Amniotesis, HUH???

For one I did not realize I had to make a decision on the spot and two, it caught me so off guard emotionally in her lack of caring attitude that I lost my speech. Finally I found my tongue and told her I could not answer any of those questions or decisions at this time until the screening was performed and the results given to me. I told her “One Step At A Time Please”! This of course left me totally shook up and an emotional wreck.

Off to my room we went and I was left sitting of course to ponder on the nurse upsetting me. Doc came in, measured my belly, I got to listen to the baby’s heartbeat (Sean missed this not coming into the exam room with me), we talked about some things going on with me as I have found out the hard way I am Lactose intolerant and cannot handle any citrus type foods or drinks, etc. He said everything looked good and sent me over to the lab.

We had to drive to a Diagnostic Imaging place (Lab), over by the hospital, which took a chore to get to that location due to road construction, and I had to have a blood test and give the ole’ urine sample. Both of these were to establish a baseline on everything on me (Cholestoral, HIV, Platelets, Sugars, etc.)

When we left the lab, I finally emotionally broke down from being rattled by the nurse at the doc’s office and poked and prodded on at both and had to let it all out in tears and thank goodness Sean was with me to comfort me in my pregnancy emotional upset caused by the mean ole’ nurse.
Well I had already decided that I did not want to go through the Amnio testing after tons of heavy thinking it over and over and I will still stand by that decision. I am so far along now, and knew I would be further along by the time they did do an Amnio if I agreed and then, I would then have to wait an additional 2-3 wks for those results putting me further along, to me that is too long to even consider a termination, especially knowing what would be involved in terminating a pregnancy surgically after being that far along. So I had decided I did NOTTT want to know if something was wrong with my baby because I couldn’t handle that emotional ride knowing something was wrong from the results to delivery. So when the nurse HIT ME with this I got super upset because as I said I DON’T WANT TO KNOW and thought I was out of the woods in worrying over it as I was not going to have an Amnio done, if something is wrong on top of her hitting me with the termination BS. So I got totally rattled and upset, being prego emotionally did NOT help, I couldn’t even eat my lunch with Sean out in a restaurant without the tears flowing as he was full of questions on the blood test to come, etc. NOW, I am NOT looking forward to my next doctor’s appt. at all where it consist of the blood testing. I looked it up and I know the blood testing will not exactly tell me what is wrong but will only tell me if I am in the risk factor of yes the baby could have something wrong, but I didn’t even want to know that after all this pregnancy time. I know it is all routine and I need to get over this but it is sort of like the mom that doesn’t want to know the sex, I DO, but when we don’t want to know, we don’t want to know.
I am now scheduled for my third doctor’s appt. in three weeks, Oct. 28th, to get the Screening done for the birth defect possibilities, which has me all worked up and worried and my 2nd trimester ultrasound, which hopefully we can find out the sex of the baby at that time. So I will update everyone again very soon.

Sept. 9, 08 - Our first Drs. Appt. & Ultrasound

I had my first doctor’s appt. on Sept. 9th, 2008 and we got our first ultrasound and saw the baby bud in my belly and heard the heart beat. I weighed in at 128lbs. according to their scale.
Baby’s first Trimester of my pregnancy I had to go eat at a Community Center giving out hot meals due to Hurricane Ike hitting our area causing us to loose electricity, phones, and food out of our refrigerator.

August 2008 - Symptoms to lead us to believe we are Pregnant

The last two – three weeks of August 2008 I thought I had come down with a major stomach virus, lot of diarehha, exhaustion and nausea. Was hitting the medicine cabinet for over the counter drugs to try to cure my stomach virus. I was a bit stressed as well because I was dealing with issues with my son getting out of jail so both Sean and I were also thinking the stomach issues resulted from my stress levels.
The last week of the stomach virus it dawned on me I was late on my period because it was the end of the month and I had failed to start for that month and I could not kick the stomach virus. So Sean stopped off and picked up some EPT Certainty test and on July 28th, 2008, I took my first in home pregnancy test. The test came back positive showing I was pregnant.
I was nervous about taking the test as I had a feeling I was pregnant. I couldn’t even look at the results, I was sitting on the couch next to Sean, sort of behind him as he sat to the front of the couch and I was letting him read the results first. He cut his eyes back and me in a way that something was wrong and I screamed “What” and he showed me the test and it showed I was pregnant. We both were of course in total shock, but now we know why I was so sick.
I called and set up an appointment with an OBGYN for another pregnancy test through a clinic and to discuss the pregnancy risks at my age. My appointment is September 9th, 2008.
July 30th, 2008, we re-took the in home pregnancy test just to be sure and it came back with the same results, pregnant. I also told my mother & step dad, that day of my pregnancy.

In Home Pregnancy Confirmation

And so it begins, we found we were Prego at the End of August 2008

We were Super excited after we got over the intial shock of being Pregnant and we look forward to all the planning and changes to come in our lives.