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Sean & Tammy Smith We are the proud Parents of little Miss Autumn Marie Smith and look forward to everyone joining us on this journey of information and photos from the beginning of the pregnancy to the birth and enjoying our baby with us.


Autumn's 1st Cowboy Hat

YEEE HAW, just purchased Autumn her first Cowboy hat, it is straw and almost her size, well will be. It cost me a whole $1.00, ha ha ha ha

05-27-09 Autumn Enjoys her bath time

Autumn entertained us tonight in the bath, she got super excited tonight kicking and moving her legs so hard she was splashing both me and her, I hollered at Sean to come watch her and we were just cracking up at how much fun she has in her baths, especially with tonight's new found entertainment she discovered. We always feel so bad when it is time to get her out of her bath time, because she gets so upset we are getting out, she literally throws such a fit that we have to calm her down afterwards, ha ha ha ha ha . . . so Mommy always waits to do bath time very late close to her sleep time so once she is calmed down she is worn out between her bath and throwing a fit that she passes out to sleep, he he he he

A Smiling Autumn

05-26-09 Photo of Autumn's Hemangioma (Birth Mark)

05-26-09 Autumn's 2nd Drs. Visit w/Peditrician

Today Autumn went for her second visit with her Pediatrician. While being checked over, here is what was determined with Autumn:

Weight: 9 lbs., 7 oz.
Length: 22 inches
Skull Measurement: I couldn't see well but it looked like the nurse was getting a measurement somewhere around 14-15

I also had her doctor look at two things I wanted to address concerning Autumn, she had a pellet/bebe size lump behind one of her ears, Doc said it was her lymph gland and was normal, then I had to have him look at an area that has shown up on her shoulder that has a raised rash appearance surrounding and on top of what looks like a broken blood vessel. To us adults, it looks like a broken spider vein. Doc said it is called a Superficial Hermangioma (birthmark). I was not happy about this but Doc said it should resolve itself as she ages and according to articles. This birth mark popped up about a month ago and runs in females over males due to the high estrogen. I will post a photo of her birthmark later.

Otherwise she checked out very healthy and Doc was pleased with her, commented how she is considered long and petite. OH NO, she will probably be long and lean with age like her half brother Cory and uncle James.

She also got her very first set of vaccines. Mommy could not handle the idea of Autumn crying and getting injections, Mommy doesn't do well with shots in general even for herself, so she had to leave the room and leave Daddy to tend to Autumn getting her shots/vaccines and then Mommy played nurturing mother after wards.

Autumn's Laugh & Learn Puppy

I found this lovable musical puppy at a Children's Resale Shop today for $5.00, WOW, these puppy's sell for retail around 25.00 . . .

It does many things listed below:

Play games, sing songs, enjoy lots of learning fun with this cuddly friend. Two interactive play modes introduce baby to A-B-Cs, 1-2-3’s, colors, and parts of the body, plus sing-along fun with favorite songs and games, including Itsy-Bitsy Spider, Pat-a-Cake, This Little Puppy Went to Market, and more.

video of her playing in her Pack N’ Play

Here is video of her playing in her Pack N’ Play, she enjoys her mobile in it


I finally captured her smiling

Here is Autumn playing on her Activity Mat

Autumn's Fish arrive in her fish tank

Got Autumn her fish for her tank yesterday, she got a Male blue betta, Powder blue Guppy, Sunrise Tequila Guppy and two colored Glofish. All the little fish are towards the top of the tank in the one photo.

Autumn in her New Sun Shade Glasses

Here is a photo of little MISS DIVA in her NEW SHADES her grandma Halladay purchased for her yesterday at Carter’s while we were searching for little itty bitty sandal shoes for Autumn. She sure drew in a crowd when she was wearing them, ha ha ha ha

Daddy & Autumn Fun Time

Here is a photo of Daddy playing with Autumn & her toys last night that I captured. SO CUTE!!!

05-10-09 Autumn's 1st Fish Tank

Daddy & Mommy set up Autumn's first fish tank. Fish will be added in about a week once Mommy decides what kind of freshwater fish she wants in there.

Autumn's 2nd Rocking Horse 5-09-09

Grandma brought over Autumn's second style of Rocking horse this Mother's Day weekend. I can't wait to see her ride it.

05-06-09 Rock N' Roll Pony

As most of you remember, I got Autumn's first Horse Jumper and just found the matching Rock'N Roll pony from an individual to match it, Sean is supposed to go pick it up today, yeahhh . . .

Poss. Autumn's future room decor

Of course us being PBR (Professional Bull Riding) fans and us being Country and loving horses or livestock in general, I saw the neatest article featuring a room the “Extreme Makeover” team did to a child’s room and decided this is my goal to do to Autumn’s future room décor once she outgrows my Baby Jungle theme I did. This is something we can do ourselves giving it a more girly feel Cowgirl theme of course, but I love the wall and bucking shoot/stall bed.

I can’t wait for her to grow up and be ready for a room change now that I have a new idea in my head, he he he he. With this idea I don’t even have to paint, I can just cover her walls as is pulling out the chair rail and adding in the wooden wall panels, he he he he. Got to start collecting NOW for her new room décor.

See the idea attached.

Who's got the cutest baby feet??

Here is mine (Tammy), Sean's and Autumn's baby feet, HOW CUTE, look at all the baby feet . . .

Had my 6 wk Post Opt Drs. appt. today

I had my 6 wk post opt today, it was a half and half day. I get there, wait two freak'n hours between the waiting room, the room and then him checking me. He said my uterus has not returned to normal yet, still have 4 wks to go for that, but I got cleared to do normal activity, sex and driving. Altho he said to take it easy on all. He confirmed I did have my tubal I had requested, THANK GOODNESS and that I was immediately sterile once I left the operating table.

Then he proceeds to tell me one of the blood work samples the hospital took came back with questionable results and that I was to go to the hospital lab for them to redraw the sample for no charge so they could get the questionable results off my record. Supposedly I had tested negative for my RH antibodies in the beginning but when I was hospitalized to have Autumn, after birth, I had tested positive and they thought it was a screw up and wanted to retest it. DAMN THAT HOSPITAL! I had already had so many issues with them and now they pull this crap on me. So off I go to the damn Hospital again yet for another blood drawing. My veins are still knotted and haven't even recovered from when I was there 6 wks ago, which they avoided today on answering me on why my veins were still knotted up.

So, I get out of there and on the way home stopped off at my local county clerk office to pick up my babies birth certificate. So she prints it out, hands it to me and it is half the size of an 8 x 10 sheet and has NO information on it for Autumn to have available to her about herself besides her name, her parents name, birth date and county she was born in. No weight, height, etc. So I am looking at the clerk like she is a moroon and say, ahhhh, where is the long form that shows all her information? She says, ohhh, you needed to go to the county she was born in, not your resident county, to get the long form version. The one I gave you is perfectly legal it is just a short version. I am like NO WAY!!! So she says, I'm sorry I should have asked you, I didn't realize you weren't aware of that, as since I recorded it and printed it, I have to charge you for this one, but you can still go to the county where she was born and pick up the long form version. I WAS PISSED!!! I told her that was totally unfair on the financial end and that I was just there today in that county for my own doctor's visit and that now I was going to have to spend additional funds and time to go get my child a proper looking birth certificate that will give her the information she may want to know about herself, besides what I tell her by mouth, so she will have it one day.

Sooooooooooo, take NOTE, make sure you get your birth certificates in the county your child is born in, as what she did was just go pull it up and print it on their legal formatted paper, signed it, charged me for it and said "here you go, Congratulations"! Arrgghhhh

It still is shocking the hell out me and keeping me in fumes.