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Sean & Tammy Smith We are the proud Parents of little Miss Autumn Marie Smith and look forward to everyone joining us on this journey of information and photos from the beginning of the pregnancy to the birth and enjoying our baby with us.


Autumn trying to Stand on her own Video - 10mos.

Autumn surprised me yesterday and was trying to stand on her own several times. She did it so much we were able to grab the video footage of it. She is now steady doing it, OMG soon she will be walking on me. Yeahhhhh

Autumn Walking with her Lion Walker Video

Riding on Daddy's Shoulders - 9 1/2 mos.

One of Autumn's fun things to do with Daddy, she gets a kick out of this game and pulling Dad's hair.

Autumn 9 1/2 mos. old

Autumn & Box

Autumn discovering the fun in a box

Autumn Enjoying her first Juice Box - 9 mos.

Autumn Enjoying her first Juice Box, she has sipping out of that straw down to an art.

Autumn claps hands Patty Cake 9 mos.

Autumn playing with her Kitchen 9 mos. old

Autumn LOVE Pickles at age 9 mos.

12-26-09 Family Day after Christmas

Autumn was sick with a Sinus Infection/Head Cold prior to Christmas and on Christmas Day she had a reaction to her prescribed meds and broke out in a bad rash over her torso and face. So we spent our Christmas holidays treating and caring for her cold and rash.

12-25-09 Autumn in her Christmas Dress

12-25-09 Christmas Day - 1st Christmas

12-24-09 Christmas Eve

We couldn't hide her Toddler Kitchen so she got it Xmas Eve