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03/03/09 Been In Hospital All Day with Labor Pains

Hey all, well we have had a ruff night and ruff day. Sometime in the night best guess around 2am or so, I started having contractions, no not Braxton hicks kind, real contractions. I finally gave in and woke Sean up around 3am or so after making SURE it was real contractions. After I woke him up I burst into tears and started shaking uncontrollably, my fear and nerves got the best of me. I then proceeded to take a bath to try to relax and see if the contractions would stop. NO LUCK! So I layed in the bed shifting from one position to another with Sean writing down and timing contractions for one hour before we called the Doc. They contractions were coming about 4-5 mins. apart. When Doc. Responded through his answering service all he simply said was go to the hospital and he will meet me there, I never got to talk to him.

Got to the hospital, got checked in and they admitted me sometime after 6am, could not tell you exact time. The hustle and bustle began, fetal and contraction monitors were placed on me and we waited on Doc to arrive. He arrived at 7:45am and checked my cervix which was still closed, but contractions were still steady. So they just watched me for awhile to see if I was going to dilate any and 3 hrs. later the nurse came in and checked my cervix again, STILL CLOSED, but still contractions that were more organized, damn nurse even tore my old episotomy area while checking me, both Doc and Nurse about killed me with their vaginal checks. So the Doc instructed a urine sample be taken to see if I had maybe a UTI or was dehydrated that might be causing contractions. Urine was taken by catherization yeah hoo, sooo pissed about that and results came back as “Trace”. Trace is their smallest amount showing up for dehydration, from there it peeks up. I was barely on it for dehydration.

So next round of putting me through the ringer, they inserted a IV catheter and started running fluids in me to try to stop the contractions. First bag was wide open forcing it in me. Second bag was a slow drip and about half way empty contractions began to subside, however, upon the many urination breaks I noticed with the second bag my vaginal area got severally ENGORGED as well as my Right ankle and foot, foot even turned red. Then my calf began to ache, so I started complaining about that, well crap, wrong thing to do, next step, the Doc. Ordered an ultrasound on my leg to make sure I had not developed any blood clots. Can you say $$$ adding up now, ha ha ha ha, OH HOW I LOVE BEING A HIGH RISK PREGNANCY

While waiting on US personnel to arrive I was FINALLY given something to eat after 1pm and after I went through major heartburn from no eating, no eating headache and started vomiting from it. Also was given a heartburn Med at 230pm, order by Doc., damn thing never did help me. I think I was too far gone from lack of food.

Me and Sean are EXHAUSTED at this point, he did grab a few shots of me in the hospital, I LOOKED LIKE SHIT of course as those were taken after loads of crying in hospital, I am big weeny when it comes to hospitals and needles, lack of sleep and I was still have contractions at that point and talking to mom via Cell so off I bursted into tears again talking to my mama. I did a lot of crying and involuntary shaking from the minute I woke up with contractions to the moment I was released. Stress, nerves, anxiety, etc. just got the best of me.

Finished lunch, time for US . . . they did my whole Right leg from foot to inside my thigh, no blood clots found, THANK GOODNESS, but did find a huge varicose vein on back of my calf but it was working still. So all was good with US.

Baby did great the whole time, heart beat stayed well up there in the ranges of 150 to 170 and she never stopped moving and torturing me during my contractions.

They told me that I am probably very sensitive to being dehydrated in any low levels and that is what probably brought on the contractions and to keep forcing water into myself. They also instructed me to walk around for a bit to get the fluids to work out of my leg and vaginal area some.

I got released from the hospital after a very long, painful, stressful day at 3:30pm. Of course when we arrived home we had to check on Tiva, dogs had to be turned out to potty and stretch. Neighbor saw me come in and knew something was wrong so I spoke to her for a bit.

At first potty break after arriving home, I noticed that some of the vaginal area swelling had already gone down a bit, THANK GOODNESS and that the pink tinging caused by everything during potty time at the hospital had also subsided, THANK GOODNESS.

Now all keep me in your prayers for a restful, non-eventful night as we really do want the baby to go to at least 37 wks if possible just for some more maturity and weight rate cooking in the bun time.

That is all for now, I am exhausted, can’t think well and had to focus so I am going to stay up as long as I can to eat dinner, etc. and drink loads more water and then I plan to PASSSSS OUTTTT . . .

My stomach is very stingy and sore, especially if baby moves around from the long hours of contractions and everything else.

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