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Sean & Tammy Smith We are the proud Parents of little Miss Autumn Marie Smith and look forward to everyone joining us on this journey of information and photos from the beginning of the pregnancy to the birth and enjoying our baby with us.


11-29-08 Daddy Smith puts Stroller together

Daddy Smith put the baby's stroller together

Third portion of Mural 2 Completed today (11-27-08)

Okay got the third scene portion on mural 2 done today. Here is my first little Monkey done . Next will be finishing up the Vine and working on the next Monkey, then the last palm tree. Almost there with the whole mural that will go over the crib.


Nursery Wall with Dresser

This wall that sits behind the dresser will NOT have a mural, we have hung decorative wall hooks that came with and match the bedding on this wall. I put the little animals on the Frame on the dresser and the Elephant Piggy bank was mine as a child that now will be used and passed onward to Baby Smith.

Second portion of Mural 2 Completed

Here is my little Elephant in progress and finished.

First portion of Mural 2 Completed

Here is the first portion of the Second Mural completed, I still have the vine & Monkey in the center to do and the last Palm tree on the other side.

11-23-08 First Mural Painted by Tammy

Last night I traced the Giraffe mural on the wall and when I got up this morning both of us went to work on our separate projects. Sean worked on finishing up sanding the book shelves and putting the first coat of stain on it and I went to work working on the first Mural.

WOW, hard work, took me from morning till 3pm to get this smaller of all the murals done between me taking breaks and letting paint dry in between the colors and coats. All in all I would say it turned out cute and once the curtain is back in place hiding the neck base it will look like it fits in well.

Here are the snap shots we tried to grab of me working on it and the finished product. I can’t wait until I get all the planned murals done and we set the room up.


11-21-08 Baby/Dog experiment

Okay, so knowing we have a baby arriving soon and needed to see how our critters would handle a baby in the house, even thou I was VERY confident they would be okay since we have well tempered dogs, socialize our animals pretty well and attend meet the breeds, children’s schools with them where they meet all kinds of ages of children since we don’t have kids ourselves I decided to get an interactive baby doll and expose the dogs to it.

The baby makes sucking sounds when you place it’s fake milk filled bottle to its mouth. Upon squeezing it’s feet or hands it makes laughing, screaming, crying and speaking sounds, PERFECT to expose the dogs too. I even placed it in the bouncer and put it on the floor so it was at their level. Their reactions were so CUTE and typical of something new to see.

Dogs reaction:

A few stood up, cocked heads and ears to the sounds and then settled back down. A few of the other could have cared less.

Rodeo – he will be the one to watch until he gets over the new thing in the house, he began shaking a LOT, poking, licking, whining, head cocking, didn’t want me to move baby out of his site, VERY FASINATED with the whole thing, but then again this dog LOVES talking toys and stuffies.

Bird – no reaction yet, ha ha ha ha . . . gosh forbid when he learns to cry like the baby and we all react, ha ha ha ha

After exposing them to the sounds and me fiddling with the baby and bouncer, I left it all on the floor at the end of the couch and went and sat on the couch to see if the dogs would approach or bother the baby, NOPE, they all went and laid down and totally ignored the fact it was there and left alone. I will continue to do this until our little one is born, he he he he

All in all my critters did well and should be fine, plus I am “ALFA B”, in this house and MY RULES apply only, he he he he

I have attached a photo of the baby doll I got to work with the critters on having a baby around the house.

11-18-08 Dr. appt. following ER Scare - 20wks

Hi all, well I had my appt. today with my OBGYN following the Emergency Room scare we had and I know everyone is eager to hear how it went.

I went in and they ran the normal diagnostics on me, Temperature check, blood pressure and weight check (getting fat, ha ha ha ha). While seeing the Doctor he checked the baby’s growth measurement and fetal heartbeat and all was well and strong. Next he wanted to check my cervix to make sure it had not changed and it had not, he said it was nice and long and tight. He also took a swab on me and urine sample. Baby is moving real good and growing well.

Urine sample results showed it was very concentrated and I am not drinking enough water, so got that little slap on the hand to DRINK MORE MORE WATER. I had slacked off my normal intake of water and was drinking more Lipton Green Tea, so back on the water binge.

Once finished I asked him what might have brought on the brief bleeding/spotting I had and he simply said using a medical word that there is a sinus???? in there that might have been the culprit, he just was not sure, however, this early in gestational stage he said that an ultrasound would not pin point any problems. So he said if it occurred again when I was further along, pass 24 wks gestation that he would have a better chance seeing any issues on the Ultrasound, IFFFF it ever happened again. He said everything looked good, sounded good and no worrying at this point unless I experienced blood with severe cramping.

I also got a copy of my blood screening they did to check for Open Neural Tube Defect, Down Syndrome, Trisomy 18 risks and all came back NORMAL, NOT AT INCREASED RISK. So we are good on all that stuff, YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

11-17-08 Another Update

I am still browning upon wiping after urinating but it is more like just a discolor of the urine discharge, not really browning. Baby is still moving good and hopefully things will continue to be well, I am keeping myself on extended rest as much as possible. I called the doctor’s office today to update them about Friday and they have me scheduled for an appt. tomorrow at 2pm to check me and baby out. So I will add an update of the appt. after I find out more details tomorrow.

11-16-08 Daddy Smith feel first baby movement

Last night while soaking in the tub, relaxing and reading my book the baby loves to move and kick a lot while I am in the tub, along with when I have the lap top on my thighs the baby likes to move a lot then as well, but I called Daddy Sean in to see if we could attempt him feeling the baby move. GREAT NEWS . . . he was able to feel one movement action, not sure if it was a kick or roll or what but he got to feel it and he thought that was so cool, we both were so excited, I was waiting for this moment for when he could feel something. YEAHHHH!!!

11-15-08 Scare Update

So today I have been on bed rest until the bleeding or spotting stops and it has worked so far so good, not even browning, baby is still moving, but I am emotionally worn out and petrified to even move now. They told me it was okay to go forward with my normal activities and to follow up with my normal OBGYN on Tues., but how do you function after this and not over worry? I feel also if I am not mentally distracted I will break out in tears at any drop of a hat because I can't shake the experience nor the worry ahead of me.

No they didn't do an ultrasound the ER doctor said the Techs were not there and it would take over 2 hrs. to get them to the ER to do a Ultrasound and she really felt all was okay with me and the baby. They she went as well and spoke with her Colleage about me and then called the OBGYN on call from my Doctor's office who gave her the instruction to check my Cervix.

Between going from home when spotting the blood to the ER, it had tapered off to a light pink again, but the minute she checked my cervix and then I went to potty while still in the ER, it started the red blood back up, then between going back home and the ER it went back to light pink. Now I am having NONE, yeahhh. I had browned a bit the next day after bed resting but NOTHING by that evening nor today, my prayers are answered.

I got to thinking I had some vaginal itching a few days before during the week and didn't think much on it thinking me just getting too hot in clothes and pregnancy raising my hot flashes, as I am prone to yeast infections real easy even out of pregnancy, but it never turned into a yeast infection and went away so I blew it out of my mind. So I am thinking maybe that was the culprit? Either way I will be telling my Dr. all this on Tuesday when I call for the follow up on what happened and see what he wants to do at this point, he might call me something in.

11-14-08 Emergency Room Scare

Last night around 730pm, I had to go potty as usual and when I went to wipe, I found a pink tinge of blood, I ran and showed my husband the toilet paper in panic and we called the OBGYN. My OBGYN was not in so they said the Dr. on call would call me back. Upon waiting 30 mins. later I had another potty break, another wipe this time with dark red blood and mucus. I FREAK'D OUT . . . the same time the OBGYN on call called and I told him I was not awaiting advice I was going to the ER.

I went straight to just my local ER instead of traveling the 40 mins. to the ER Hosp. where the baby and OBGYN is supposed to be done out of it. The damn local ER had no facilities to even listen for a heartbeat, I couldn't believe they even called themselves an ER, so they sent me on to my ER hospital I would be delivering from anyhow. So got there, explained to the staff I was 20wks and spotting blood through great gobs of tears. They took me back, took the statistics on me, blood pressure, temperature, heart rate (which it was up during my panic mode) and listened for the baby's heart beat. Heart beat was strong between 163-170 and baby was good. Next they took me into a room after they placed their many bands on my arm of admittance and checked to make sure my cervix was still closed, it was. They could offer no explanation to me on why I had started spotting but it took them forever to calm me down just so they could release me. I never had any cramping or pains, just the spotting and I had NOT done anything that day to bring it on. Baby was moving the whole time.

11-10-08 Finished the Nursery Tissue Box

Today I finished up the Tissue box for the Nursery with the painting and putting the jungle animals on it. This shows all four sides.

11-06-08 18.5 wks Pregnant photo

Well here I am plugging along in size, rounding out more.


Today, I called the Hospital where our baby girl Autumn will be born and made reservations for our classes we have to take, I will be awaiting on them to call me with Confirmation of these classes, I had to leave it as a message per the recorder.

Classes consist of:

Maternity Reception (6pm - 8pm)
Epidural Consultations and pre-registration available at this event for delivery at Huntsville Memorial
Date: Jan. 14th

Prepared Childbirth Class (Lamaze) (9am-4pm) Saturday
This class covers stages of Labor, Breathing technique, and childbirth
Date: Feb. 14th

I did get one happy moment today, Autumn kicked me REAL GOOD in the uterus today, no pain caused, just was a surprise kick because it was nice and strong, first time I have felt a strong kick like that, most of her moments are slight. I would rather her torture my pelvic, bladder area then get under my ribs like Cory did, I hope I get that change this pregnancy.


Today Daddy Smith finishing up sanding the changing table and putting the white paint on it to complete our paint job on it.