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Sean & Tammy Smith We are the proud Parents of little Miss Autumn Marie Smith and look forward to everyone joining us on this journey of information and photos from the beginning of the pregnancy to the birth and enjoying our baby with us.


Autumn Swimming June 2009

Here is Autumn swimming yesterday, sorry it is sideways, Hubby didn't realize you can't rotate a video, ha ha ha ha, but you can see how she loves to kick

06-27-09 Autumn photos taken at Sears

06-27-09 Family Photos taken at Sears

06-25-09 Autumn at 3 mos.

Here are some photos of Miss Autumn at 3 mos. today

06-21-09 - Daddy & Autumn (Happy 2009 Father's Day)

06-21-09 - Grandpa Halladay, Mommy, & Autumn

06-21-09 - Grandparent Halladay with Autumn

06-20-09 Autumn & Daddy's Kite

Dad flying a kite for Autumn, or attempting too, he never could get it in the air, ha ha ha ha

06-20-09 - Autumn's First Swimming Pool, Bathing Suit and Swim

Here is Autumn in her first Swimming Pool, her first bathing Suit, Daddy would only approve of a one piece, ha ha ha and her first Swim experience. Grandma & Grandpa Halladay were there to watch her do all her first pool experiences.

One of Autumn's Favorite Learning Toys

This is one of Autumn's favorite learning toys she enjoys daily and that I highly recommend for all babies/toddlers

Vtech Learning Ball

Autumn & Elmo

06-13-09 Autumn's new toy and bathing suit

Ran a lot of errands today, purchased Autumn several items on my want list for her, got her "Elmo Live", that thing is just precious, some tub toys and her first bathing suit. It was too damn hot to really be out and now we are worn out between shopping for her and grocery shopping as well.

Will post photos or video later of Autumn with Elmo and of her bathing suit soon.

06-12-09 Autumn laughs out loud

Yesterday while throwing a frisbee for Rodeo, the dog obviously became so entertaining that Autumn laughed out loud for the first time, neighbors were even there to witness it as well, oohhh but daddy missed it and she hasn't done it again yet. It was the most awesome moment for me to hear her laugh out loud. Can't wait until I hear it more often.

06-10-09 Autumn in her Bumbo Chair

Autumn trying out her Bumbo Chair, she is still working on her core to strengthen her head/neck area, we still have bauble head every so often.

06-09-09 Emergency Doctor's Appt. with Autumn/Blood In Stool

Had a worried evening yesterday (Monday), my 2 1/2 mo. old had blood in her stool, so I put in a call to the doctor, we have an appt. set up today, mid afternoon and I will watch the diapers to see if she continues to have them. This is very odd as she is a breast fed baby only, so it is something I have taken in is our best guess that her digestive tract is reacting too. The nurse I spoke to yesterday said they will run a culture on her stool if it keeps up today before the appt.Besides that she is acting NORMAL

She is not feeling bad, THANK GOODNESS, she is just having blood in her stools, only thing I have changed is I went back on my vitamins, which of course is changing my urine to be real yellow. Sooooooooooo, hence the mystery. I checked my milk and all looks fine with it by sight. I do know yesterday she wanted to keep me drained so that may have stressed out her digestive tract overloading it. We will see as she has more dirty diapers this morning for me to go off of.

She just woke up at 9am, I fed her and she had a dirty diaper, normal routine, again it still has some blood in it. I grabbed up the stool sample, I will get a stool sample per dirty diaper she has between now and appt. time, gosh I am just a wreck, sob sob sob

Baby girl Autumn is OKAY, she has a small paper cut size tear at the top of her rectum opening and Doc said rectum tears bleed a LOT, so Vaseline for four days with each diaper change and all should be well. THANK GOODNESS, I was so upset and bent out of shape. Seeing blood on your child is enough to send you over the edge and I was there, geeezzz. Now to stop crying from relief.

Autumn on Webcam

Anyone that wants to "HI" to Autumn and see her via Webcam LIVE, you can contact me through the Yahoo Messenger. You must have Yahoo Messenger downloaded onto your computer as well. I can share baby and dogs this way, he he he he


Autumn's 1st Barbie Doll

This was sent to Autumn from Tammy's Aunt - this is a Special addition of Barbie's 50 yrs. and this is Autumn's first official Barbie Doll.

Autumn playing on her Bouncer - 2 mos. old