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Sean & Tammy Smith We are the proud Parents of little Miss Autumn Marie Smith and look forward to everyone joining us on this journey of information and photos from the beginning of the pregnancy to the birth and enjoying our baby with us.


Baby Autumn enjoying her Rainforest Floor Swing

Autumn's Little Foot Prints

Here is the complimentary Birth Certificate they gave us at the hospital that has Autumn's little foot prints on it. I am only showing the foot prints.

Rodeo & Autumn 03-30-09

Here is our Manchester Terrier - Rodeo, who is just in love with baby Autumn, he loves to watch her and lick her ears and hands, ha ha ha ha. We captured this shot this morning and wanted to share.

Autumn wearing her first Dress

Everything is still real big on her as she is in between fitting in Premie and New Born Clothes, but we know she will be there in a week or so fitting better into her clothes.

Brush time w/ Daddy

Autumn getting a sponge bath by Mommy

03-28-09 We are Home from the Hospital

BORN: May 24th, 2009
Time: 5:02am
Name: Autumn Marie Smith
Weight: 7lbs. 0 oz., 19 ¼ inches long
Born by emergency C-section

Hi all, once I have some time on my hands I will send out a detailed email of what all happened with labor, delivery and recovery time in the hospital and send it out at a later time. A lot happened to tell of baby’s Autumn’s welcome into our world.

We got home very late yesterday after a late discharge of 8pm. We arrived exhausted, me sore of course. Both my Mom and Sean’s Mom are here visiting with us and checking out the little bundle. VISITORS WELCOME NOW, COME ALL AND SEE WHAT THE STORK DROPPED OFF IN PERSON. I am moving very good considering I had an unplanned C-section and tubes tied.

We had our first outside visitor today our neighbor and she held little Ms. Autumn and we look forward to many more visitors and photo sessions, he he he he.

I will keep everyone in photos and with updates . . . will upload video onto the baby website

Attached are some more photos and one of Autumn’s delivery doctor with her, Dr. B. J. Atkins.



Sean & Tammy Smith
Baby Smith due April 6th, 2009

Baby’s Website

Video of Mommy & Autumn in Hospital after Delivery

03-28-09 Dr. B.J. Atkins & Autumn

Here is my doctor that brought me into this wonderful world to my Mommy & Daddy

03-26-09 New After Delivery Update

Well I haven't had a chance yet to sit down and write about my labor and delivery experience, hospital stay, etc. But real quick here is the latest.

Not sure yet when I am going home. Now I am retaining fluid badly in my sides and belly, so now they are monitoring my fluid intact and void outgoing amount. I am so scared at what all is happening to me it is just keeping me a wreck.


Autumn at 2 days old

Baby Autumn Has Arrived

Hi everyone, excuse any typing errors, heavy on pain meds. Baby Autumn was born Tuesday morning at 5am by C-section. She weighed in at exactly 7 lbs., length 19 ¼ . We went into the c-section after I had dilated to 9cm, she got stuck.

She is just precious and is nursing well on me. I am hurting quite a bit between the long labor, then the c-section and tubal surgery so I am never awake very long. Today they got me up to shower and I thought I was going to pass out with the pain.

Attached are a few photos of our little bundle of joy . . . .More photos will come later.

I will try to answer or send out emails when I can, but most will have to get responses via online and by phone from Sean.


03-20-09 Grandparents Vigil New photo

Just got this new photo of Grandma & Grandpa Vigil

Diane Vigil & Ernie Vigil

03-18-09 Liver Profile Update

The doctor’s office just called, Liver profile came back just FINE, GOOD, finally some good news. Now I wonder, NOW WHAT with Doctor’s way of thinking, arrrggg


03-16-09 Grandma Smith arrives in Town

Diane Smith Vigil, arrives in Texas from NM to stay with Sean & Tammy to help Tammy around the house since I can no longer walk well and to await baby's Smith's arrival.

03/17/09 37 wks Drs. Appt. – St. Patrick’s Day

03/17/09 37 wks Drs. Appt. – St. Patrick’s Day

Went to my doctor’s appt., weight was 157lbs., so up two pounds from last week, not bad, however blood pressure was up yet again, 150/78, so scaling up, nurse was NOT happy to see that. They did the urine profile and found no protein’s in my urine. However, he sent me over to the lab to do a liver profile to make sure my liver is functioning okay. I also did test positive for my Grp B Strep, so she told me they would re-check me in the hospital prior to delivery before administering antibiotics. Baby’s heartbeat was good, doc said she was still growing and estimated her weight so far to be 6lbs. Cervix was still closed but he said he could feel she was head down in position. So next appt. has been set until he makes a decision or I have any changes before that appointment. ARRGGGGHH, ready to have baby.

03-16-09 Who Needs A Table !!!

Who needs to sit in front of a table when you have a belly as big as this one. Hubby snapped this of me last night as he thinks it is so weird me using my belly as a table, ha ha ha ha


03-15-09 - 37wk Prego Photos

We are still counting our weeks down to see how many weeks we actually get in before I deliver, I made it to 37 wks, yeahhh . . . okay, she can be born now, ha ha ha ha ha

03/14/09 More Contractions Again

I was UP all night with false labor pains again, a lot more intense but very irregular, it would start in my back really painful, but some contractions would only last a minute in between, others would be 4-5 minutes in between, some contractions mild while others intense, also lots of belly cramping and pain, they finally did stop and I got to rest, Sean could never go back to sleep and this started around 3am again and now this morning I have severe diarrhea and a headache but contractions have stopped besides the intense Braxton hicks ones, so I going to try to rest today since I feel so loopy and my head hurts. I have already spoken to my doctor this morning, we are all just sitting idle and he wants me to just contact him at this point if things change before my Tuesday appointment.

However, I have started this morning as well still experiencing heavy pre-labor pains or braxton hicks as they call it.

Both me and Sean were up most of the night as we both were reluctant to go to the hospital again only to sit for tons of hours having them blow me up with fluids.

So we wait yet again . . .


03/10/09 – 36wks OBGYN Appt.

03/10/09 – 36wks OBGYN Appt.

Well do you call it a bad appt. or a good appt. A lot of changes have happen. At today’s appt. again we started with my vitals check, my blood pressure showed a change, the nurse said it was up from the normal, 138/74. My weight was a huge concern for her, I jumped up 10lbs. in 2 wks from 144 to 154, but I quickly showed her my edema on my legs and explained to her the actual fluid retention goes from my vaginal area down to my toes. When I showed her my ankles and feet, her eyes got real big and she was super concerned in her expressions but didn’t say anything.

Doctor came in and we quickly talked over my blood pressure rise and weight because the news of it did shack me a bit. He didn’t show much concern as he knew already about the excessive swelling due to my hospital ordeal last week. He just re-iterated to stay off the legs as much as possible, which I do. He then performed a reflex test on my legs/knee to make sure I guess my nerves are not being cut off by the swelling and also pushed on the tops of my feet to make sure blood was still flowing good, then came the Grp B Strep test, which I don’t know when I will get those results, I may have to call in for them and then he did a cervix check, gosh I hate those that part, but I quickly reminded him of the nurse tearing me in my old episiotomy scar area so this time I could tell he took it easy on me. My cervix is still closed.

He also did his usual belly measurements and palpation and we listened to the baby’s heartbeat, all seemed well, he didn’t say otherwise. After palpation he did say that he did not feel I would make it to term, which I knew this, I really do not want to go to term as I am not sure how much more my body can take. So then I asked him if he gave me a week, 2 weeks, etc. He said we would be lucky if I made it to the 2 wks. So he gave me some verbal symptoms to watch for, symptoms that I remember reading up on involving preeclampsia, so I think he is watching me closely for that due to all my swelling.

Upon checking out they gave me a ton of paperwork on me in an envelope that they said to carry on me at all times for the hospital, yippee, preparing me.

Now he has moved me to my one week appts., so next week is my next appt. and I will let folks know if I make it to that appt. how it goes, keep fingers crossed all goes well with my weight, blood pressure, swelling and that baby comes SOON so we both avoid any problems.

I do NOT like being swollen and it worries me greatly and I hope things progress quickly so my body is done with suffering soon and we both come out okay, with all this going on I can’t seem to keep the bad things out of my head in worrying will I die in labor or loose our baby, etc. BOO HOO


03/09/09 36 wks Pregnancy Photos

As you can see I have yet again BLOOMED between baby weight and fluid retention weight.

My next OBGYN appt. is tomorrow and I will soon post to everyone how the doctor's appt. goes.


03/04/09 My engorged Legs, Feet and Ankles

This is normally how bad they can get but with all the added fluids they were pretty bad today.

03/04/09 Follow up with Doctor after Hospital stay

I called the Doc. and left a follow up message for him, just told them no more contractions but having a lot of muscle belly pains and back pressure pains especially during the night hours. So we will see if he calls and says anything.

Dr. Atkins did his call back to me about 5:40 pm, asked me if I was okay, I told him I was, however, about the belly muscle pains and back pains. I told him I didn't sleep well last night with the belly pains and pressure and pain in back. He said if I have another bad night to come in and let him check me out to make sure all is okay.

Gosh I hope my night goes okay, I don't want to spend 6 hrs. plus again in the Hospital until the next time we are actually producing our baby.

03/04/09 Day after Hospital Scare

I know they say no pregnancy is easy by no means , OMG, but I am just emotionally knocked out with this pregnancy. Yesterday I stayed up as late as I could around 830pm, at which I was already exhausted, to ensure I would sleep well once my head hit the pillow. When it came time for me to bathe and relax and read my book, I couldn't even read I was so exhausted I kept dozing off in the tub. So time came right after the bath for me to crawl in the bed, actually both of us did we were so exhausted. I just broke down crying again and told Sean I was literally PETRIFIED to go to bed scared that the contractions would come again.

Again, in the middle of the night I had the same scenario a bit try to play out. Got up to take a potty break, felt my round ligament pull and hurt, pottied thinking OMG, this is how it started the night before. Sure enough while back to laying down I started getting those pressure backaches and that round ligament was bothering me like the night before, so I got up immediately, wide awake now and just started swallowing as much water as I could muster. Just don’t understand since they flushed me with so much damn fluids yesterday. I drink water ALL NIGHT LONG, everytime I get up to pee I drink water, so I just do not understand how I can be getting any dyhrdration at all. I managed to keep myself out of labor I guess, but anytime the baby moved it would stir up that back pain. I think after yesterday I think I have dropped too, I am not sure thou. I know from now until I am allowed to have this baby I will not be getting any night time rest.

My doctor is conservative of course, which is a good thing, however, hard to you argue with someone that you just do not think it is all based on water intact that you are on the verge of having contractions, even Sean is not so sure on that one because he knows I am up drinking water, day and night. But when two bags of fluids keep you out of contractions of course you can't argue anything. I know if it was to happen again he is going to go the same route since it worked last time and if not get more aggressive giving me a shot the nurse had mentioned if the bags of fluid don't work. Personally even thou I never dilated, I think my body is getting to a point to where it has had enough of the pregnancy burden.

Of course me standing up in the middle of the night drinking all that excessive water re-engorged my ankles again, so I have gotten no relief from them now, because usually at night they go down a bit and I get some relief.

Plus, now I am thinking, oh if I have to go to the hospital again, they are all going to be thinking, here comes the idiot who can't seem to get enough water in herself, arrrggg . . .

I plan on spending the day relaxing and sleeping off and on, as if I am not already considered petrified wood on my couch and bed . . . Sean has already called checking on me. He said he is going to be checking on me all day and if I go to sleep to be sure and call him and let him know my every move. This sure put the reality check in him at just how close we are to having her. Poor daddy-to-be was so ready to have his baby girl yesterday, he said to me, we are here, let's have her, ha ha ha ha. Then when we got home he was talking to the dogs telling them they lucked out that baby sister didn't come home yet, that they got spared the shock for the day, ha ha ha ha. We are both ready, him more than me in regards to having her out of the womb, I mean don't get me wrong I want her out, but I would feel better going a little longer for her sake, ha ha ha ha . . .

Now if I can relax mentally like everyone is suggesting, which is so freak'n hard at this point, not to mention trying to keep the water works from coming, which of course expels fluids out of me, arrrggg . . . I am going to put down as much water as I can today during the day and once Sean gets home I guess I will have him tape a water hose to my mouth and a bucket for the other end, ha ha ha ha.

Thanks for all that have responded and been an ear for me, I have needed every email response or chat I have gotten to keep me going emotionally and keep my spirits lifted. Don’t forget about Daddy Sean, he is having it ruff as well . . . if anyone wants to send him encouraging words his email is tarosean@yahoo.com.

Tammy & Sean

03/03/09 Been In Hospital All Day with Labor Pains

Hey all, well we have had a ruff night and ruff day. Sometime in the night best guess around 2am or so, I started having contractions, no not Braxton hicks kind, real contractions. I finally gave in and woke Sean up around 3am or so after making SURE it was real contractions. After I woke him up I burst into tears and started shaking uncontrollably, my fear and nerves got the best of me. I then proceeded to take a bath to try to relax and see if the contractions would stop. NO LUCK! So I layed in the bed shifting from one position to another with Sean writing down and timing contractions for one hour before we called the Doc. They contractions were coming about 4-5 mins. apart. When Doc. Responded through his answering service all he simply said was go to the hospital and he will meet me there, I never got to talk to him.

Got to the hospital, got checked in and they admitted me sometime after 6am, could not tell you exact time. The hustle and bustle began, fetal and contraction monitors were placed on me and we waited on Doc to arrive. He arrived at 7:45am and checked my cervix which was still closed, but contractions were still steady. So they just watched me for awhile to see if I was going to dilate any and 3 hrs. later the nurse came in and checked my cervix again, STILL CLOSED, but still contractions that were more organized, damn nurse even tore my old episotomy area while checking me, both Doc and Nurse about killed me with their vaginal checks. So the Doc instructed a urine sample be taken to see if I had maybe a UTI or was dehydrated that might be causing contractions. Urine was taken by catherization yeah hoo, sooo pissed about that and results came back as “Trace”. Trace is their smallest amount showing up for dehydration, from there it peeks up. I was barely on it for dehydration.

So next round of putting me through the ringer, they inserted a IV catheter and started running fluids in me to try to stop the contractions. First bag was wide open forcing it in me. Second bag was a slow drip and about half way empty contractions began to subside, however, upon the many urination breaks I noticed with the second bag my vaginal area got severally ENGORGED as well as my Right ankle and foot, foot even turned red. Then my calf began to ache, so I started complaining about that, well crap, wrong thing to do, next step, the Doc. Ordered an ultrasound on my leg to make sure I had not developed any blood clots. Can you say $$$ adding up now, ha ha ha ha, OH HOW I LOVE BEING A HIGH RISK PREGNANCY

While waiting on US personnel to arrive I was FINALLY given something to eat after 1pm and after I went through major heartburn from no eating, no eating headache and started vomiting from it. Also was given a heartburn Med at 230pm, order by Doc., damn thing never did help me. I think I was too far gone from lack of food.

Me and Sean are EXHAUSTED at this point, he did grab a few shots of me in the hospital, I LOOKED LIKE SHIT of course as those were taken after loads of crying in hospital, I am big weeny when it comes to hospitals and needles, lack of sleep and I was still have contractions at that point and talking to mom via Cell so off I bursted into tears again talking to my mama. I did a lot of crying and involuntary shaking from the minute I woke up with contractions to the moment I was released. Stress, nerves, anxiety, etc. just got the best of me.

Finished lunch, time for US . . . they did my whole Right leg from foot to inside my thigh, no blood clots found, THANK GOODNESS, but did find a huge varicose vein on back of my calf but it was working still. So all was good with US.

Baby did great the whole time, heart beat stayed well up there in the ranges of 150 to 170 and she never stopped moving and torturing me during my contractions.

They told me that I am probably very sensitive to being dehydrated in any low levels and that is what probably brought on the contractions and to keep forcing water into myself. They also instructed me to walk around for a bit to get the fluids to work out of my leg and vaginal area some.

I got released from the hospital after a very long, painful, stressful day at 3:30pm. Of course when we arrived home we had to check on Tiva, dogs had to be turned out to potty and stretch. Neighbor saw me come in and knew something was wrong so I spoke to her for a bit.

At first potty break after arriving home, I noticed that some of the vaginal area swelling had already gone down a bit, THANK GOODNESS and that the pink tinging caused by everything during potty time at the hospital had also subsided, THANK GOODNESS.

Now all keep me in your prayers for a restful, non-eventful night as we really do want the baby to go to at least 37 wks if possible just for some more maturity and weight rate cooking in the bun time.

That is all for now, I am exhausted, can’t think well and had to focus so I am going to stay up as long as I can to eat dinner, etc. and drink loads more water and then I plan to PASSSSS OUTTTT . . .

My stomach is very stingy and sore, especially if baby moves around from the long hours of contractions and everything else.