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03/04/09 Day after Hospital Scare

I know they say no pregnancy is easy by no means , OMG, but I am just emotionally knocked out with this pregnancy. Yesterday I stayed up as late as I could around 830pm, at which I was already exhausted, to ensure I would sleep well once my head hit the pillow. When it came time for me to bathe and relax and read my book, I couldn't even read I was so exhausted I kept dozing off in the tub. So time came right after the bath for me to crawl in the bed, actually both of us did we were so exhausted. I just broke down crying again and told Sean I was literally PETRIFIED to go to bed scared that the contractions would come again.

Again, in the middle of the night I had the same scenario a bit try to play out. Got up to take a potty break, felt my round ligament pull and hurt, pottied thinking OMG, this is how it started the night before. Sure enough while back to laying down I started getting those pressure backaches and that round ligament was bothering me like the night before, so I got up immediately, wide awake now and just started swallowing as much water as I could muster. Just don’t understand since they flushed me with so much damn fluids yesterday. I drink water ALL NIGHT LONG, everytime I get up to pee I drink water, so I just do not understand how I can be getting any dyhrdration at all. I managed to keep myself out of labor I guess, but anytime the baby moved it would stir up that back pain. I think after yesterday I think I have dropped too, I am not sure thou. I know from now until I am allowed to have this baby I will not be getting any night time rest.

My doctor is conservative of course, which is a good thing, however, hard to you argue with someone that you just do not think it is all based on water intact that you are on the verge of having contractions, even Sean is not so sure on that one because he knows I am up drinking water, day and night. But when two bags of fluids keep you out of contractions of course you can't argue anything. I know if it was to happen again he is going to go the same route since it worked last time and if not get more aggressive giving me a shot the nurse had mentioned if the bags of fluid don't work. Personally even thou I never dilated, I think my body is getting to a point to where it has had enough of the pregnancy burden.

Of course me standing up in the middle of the night drinking all that excessive water re-engorged my ankles again, so I have gotten no relief from them now, because usually at night they go down a bit and I get some relief.

Plus, now I am thinking, oh if I have to go to the hospital again, they are all going to be thinking, here comes the idiot who can't seem to get enough water in herself, arrrggg . . .

I plan on spending the day relaxing and sleeping off and on, as if I am not already considered petrified wood on my couch and bed . . . Sean has already called checking on me. He said he is going to be checking on me all day and if I go to sleep to be sure and call him and let him know my every move. This sure put the reality check in him at just how close we are to having her. Poor daddy-to-be was so ready to have his baby girl yesterday, he said to me, we are here, let's have her, ha ha ha ha. Then when we got home he was talking to the dogs telling them they lucked out that baby sister didn't come home yet, that they got spared the shock for the day, ha ha ha ha. We are both ready, him more than me in regards to having her out of the womb, I mean don't get me wrong I want her out, but I would feel better going a little longer for her sake, ha ha ha ha . . .

Now if I can relax mentally like everyone is suggesting, which is so freak'n hard at this point, not to mention trying to keep the water works from coming, which of course expels fluids out of me, arrrggg . . . I am going to put down as much water as I can today during the day and once Sean gets home I guess I will have him tape a water hose to my mouth and a bucket for the other end, ha ha ha ha.

Thanks for all that have responded and been an ear for me, I have needed every email response or chat I have gotten to keep me going emotionally and keep my spirits lifted. Don’t forget about Daddy Sean, he is having it ruff as well . . . if anyone wants to send him encouraging words his email is tarosean@yahoo.com.

Tammy & Sean

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