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03/10/09 – 36wks OBGYN Appt.

03/10/09 – 36wks OBGYN Appt.

Well do you call it a bad appt. or a good appt. A lot of changes have happen. At today’s appt. again we started with my vitals check, my blood pressure showed a change, the nurse said it was up from the normal, 138/74. My weight was a huge concern for her, I jumped up 10lbs. in 2 wks from 144 to 154, but I quickly showed her my edema on my legs and explained to her the actual fluid retention goes from my vaginal area down to my toes. When I showed her my ankles and feet, her eyes got real big and she was super concerned in her expressions but didn’t say anything.

Doctor came in and we quickly talked over my blood pressure rise and weight because the news of it did shack me a bit. He didn’t show much concern as he knew already about the excessive swelling due to my hospital ordeal last week. He just re-iterated to stay off the legs as much as possible, which I do. He then performed a reflex test on my legs/knee to make sure I guess my nerves are not being cut off by the swelling and also pushed on the tops of my feet to make sure blood was still flowing good, then came the Grp B Strep test, which I don’t know when I will get those results, I may have to call in for them and then he did a cervix check, gosh I hate those that part, but I quickly reminded him of the nurse tearing me in my old episiotomy scar area so this time I could tell he took it easy on me. My cervix is still closed.

He also did his usual belly measurements and palpation and we listened to the baby’s heartbeat, all seemed well, he didn’t say otherwise. After palpation he did say that he did not feel I would make it to term, which I knew this, I really do not want to go to term as I am not sure how much more my body can take. So then I asked him if he gave me a week, 2 weeks, etc. He said we would be lucky if I made it to the 2 wks. So he gave me some verbal symptoms to watch for, symptoms that I remember reading up on involving preeclampsia, so I think he is watching me closely for that due to all my swelling.

Upon checking out they gave me a ton of paperwork on me in an envelope that they said to carry on me at all times for the hospital, yippee, preparing me.

Now he has moved me to my one week appts., so next week is my next appt. and I will let folks know if I make it to that appt. how it goes, keep fingers crossed all goes well with my weight, blood pressure, swelling and that baby comes SOON so we both avoid any problems.

I do NOT like being swollen and it worries me greatly and I hope things progress quickly so my body is done with suffering soon and we both come out okay, with all this going on I can’t seem to keep the bad things out of my head in worrying will I die in labor or loose our baby, etc. BOO HOO


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