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Sean & Tammy Smith We are the proud Parents of little Miss Autumn Marie Smith and look forward to everyone joining us on this journey of information and photos from the beginning of the pregnancy to the birth and enjoying our baby with us.


Autumn 19 mos. old

Autumn Playing at her Friend Ethan's House

Autumn wearing her Toddler Helmet

Autumn received a free Toddler Helmet at the Madisonville Mushroom Festival and is wearing it and enjoying her new helmet

Autumn 2010 Mushroom Festival with Family Members

Autumn at the 2010 Mushroom Festival with Cousins, Bo, Diane, Amanda and Addie Cummins, they also came over and rode the Pony with Autumn

Autumn Halloween Costume 2010

Autumn wearing her Lady Bug Costume for Halloween 2010, we did this photo shoot in our yard . . .enjoy all, more Halloween photos to come soon . . .

Autumn learn's one of our dog's names (10-18-10)

So cute my daughter is finally learning one of our dogs names, she is Learning my Manchester "Rodeo's" name, she calls him Roo Roo, so dang cute. Then also today she brought me a book to read and point out pictures, it had a Lizard in it and when I said, look a Lizard, she ran over and pointed to my Chihuahua, who's name is "Lizard", ha ha ha ha

10-18-10 - Another New tooth arrives - 1st upper molar

Well just discovered today my daughter's reasons for being extra fussy and clingy. I have been expecting and constantly feeling for new molars on her lower jaw opposite side of the ones she just cut, WRONG, instead the surprise came on the top. She has cut her first upper molar, same side of the face. This child is teething so weird and so out of order.

Autumn 18 Mos.

Autumn Riding her OWN Stick Horse

Autumn Riding Her Daddy's Stick horse

This is Autumn's Stick horse she is riding that her Daddy had when he was a little boy. His mother hand made this from pure leather it is interesting in how it is made and put together. She loves this thing and neighs when riding it.

10-4-10 Finally Weaning Autumn

I am finally weaning Autumn from breast feeding, it has been ruff on me, engorged and in loads of pain . . but I know I will get thru this, Autumn is doing well on being weaned so far. Only had really one sleepness night.

Autumn 18 mos.

Autumn at Madisonville Library

Autumn 17 mos.

Daddy & Autumn making Popcorn

16 mos.

Autumn Laying in Bed with her Babies - 16 mos.