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Sean & Tammy Smith We are the proud Parents of little Miss Autumn Marie Smith and look forward to everyone joining us on this journey of information and photos from the beginning of the pregnancy to the birth and enjoying our baby with us.


04-25-2010 Autumn & Mama Halladay picking Flowers

Mom had an abundance of Buttercup Wildflowers in her yard yesterday and her and Autumn went out picking flowers, I caught some cute snap shots.

4/22/2010 Autumn toes

The girls did their toes today . . . Autumn wanted her toes done when she watched Mommy do her toes.

Autumn checking out her newly painted toe nails . . .she loves her toes and watches them when she walks . . .

4/17/2010 Mom & Dad's TB reading

Okay, we are back from the doctor’s office, we tested okay, so nothing else will be further investigated and they will probably test her again later down the road in about 6 mos. or so, at least that is what the doctor mentioned on her reading appt. We will see if he changes his mind. He was not there so a nurse came out and read our arms. We were so happy to see we did not have any reactions indicating we had all not been exposed to TB.

4/16/2010 Update with Autumn TB Test

I talked to the doctor’s office today to get the results back on her radiology Xray. Radiology had not issued an official reporting yet, but Autumn’s doctor viewed the xrays and did not see anything on them. The nurse said she talked to the State and they said as long as Autumn’s xray showed no signs of active TB and we (her parents) did not test positive, they would be closing the report. Soooooooooooooo, now to just get our tests read tomorrow and go from there.

4/15/2010 Autumn doctor's today

Today was NOT a good day, Autumn might be positive for TB, she had a reaction to the TB test on her arm and the doc was wondering if she was exposed to someone with TB in a 6-12 wk exposure time frame, so now to find out whether it is active or not if she does have TB. She had a chest xray done today, we do not have the results on that until the Radiology department has a chance to read it, that will tell if she has active TB and both me and Sean had to be tested for TB, our results are to be read on Saturday and if we come back with a reaction, we have to have all family and friends tested that we all three have been exposed to and us along with anyone else that test positive treated with antibiotics for 9 mos. We have been an emotional wreck on this end, especially me. I can’t stop crying or worrying about my baby. They had to report it to the state so the state will come in and investigate and try to narrow it down as to where the TB might be coming from if we three do show signs of TB.

Autumn in her 2010 Bathing Suit Attire

4-13-10 Autumn's 1 yr. Doctor's checkup

Autumn had her one year check up today, she weighed in at 16lbs & 7 oz. She had gained two ounces from her last visit, OMG this girl is never going to grow. Anyhow she was 28 inches tall. Doc say she is healthy and looking awesome and that he predicts yet again for her to be 5’1 or 5’2 weighing in at 100 lbs. at maturity. That was me . . .she is just going to be teeny tiny for a long long time, arrghhhh . . . .

Daddy stayed with her during her shots, she got her MMR, Chicken Pox vaccines and TB test done on her arm. She wasn’t a happy camper at all. Thank goodness for children’s Tylenol and Neosporin for the injection site on the legs.

After her appt. we took her to I-hop to eat some breakfast and to the park to move her legs and take her mind off her shots she had.

Then came an appt. for Mommy for my eyes, so she had to hang out for that, then we headed home and Autumn and Mommy passed out, I couldn’t see a thing from my eyes being dilated, and we slept good for 2 hrs. and both of us woke up better girls.

We have to go back on Thurs. for them to read her TB test on her arm . . .