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Sean & Tammy Smith We are the proud Parents of little Miss Autumn Marie Smith and look forward to everyone joining us on this journey of information and photos from the beginning of the pregnancy to the birth and enjoying our baby with us.


Autumn pulling up to a stand 10-28-09 7 mos.

I FINALLY caught my little one on video pulling to a stand up in her Pack N' play, guess I will be lowering that bassinet part in the Pack N' play so she doesn't topple out, ha ha ha ha. Check her out on the video.


Autumn in her Halloween Costume

Autumn as a Lady Bug for Halloween 2009, her first Halloween

Autumn sitting on her first playground swing at 7 mos.

Autumn at the Pumpkin Patch in Oct. 09 (7 mos. old)

Autumn at a Petting Farm in Humble, TX

Hi all, Autumn attended her second Birthday party on Saturday, it was Ethan’s 1st birthday and it was held at a Petting Farm called Old McDonald Farm in Humble, TX. Autumn had such a blast, there was NOT one animal she did not reach out for to pet or touch and had such a blast there. I took way too many photos to post all of her touching each animal, ha ha ha ha. I also gave her her first taste of cake icing, just a bit, she made faces, ha ha ha ha.

She had so much fun she got over stimulated and was a bit cranky to get to bed that night, but quickly got back to normal by Sunday noon.

She has been trying to pull up, she already pulls up well to her knees so we lowered her crib bed this weekend just to be on the safe side, we don’t want a surprise and her pulling up to her feet and toppling out of the crib, ewwww . . .

Autumn & Great Dane Auto Sharing Time

I grabbed a few photos of Auto and Autumn, Auto was raised around kids and even does events at schools and is really well behaved around them. Autumn really enjoyed this, she had been begging me to give Auto some up close attention, so they both got their fix, he he he he

Autumn starting to try to pull up

Here is a photo of Autumn sitting in her Pack n' Play, she can now pull up from the sitting position to her knees, today however, she surprised me and pulled up to her feet but that lasted only a split second and only happened once so I was not able to get it on film.

Autumn enjoying her first juice bottle

Autumn in her new Hat & Bow

We purchased this cute little set at the Madisonville Mushroom Festival, the bow is removable so I can add other bows to match outfits. She is just adorable in her hat & bow and got tons of attention at the Festival and lots of photos taken, ha ha ha ha

10-15-09 Autumn 6 mo. check up - Dr. Visit

Back from the doc's office with Autumn today, he said she is doing WONDERFUL, looks good on all milestones, weight, etc. He said she is in the 50% of her height and 10% of her weight, on track. Long and petite . . . He predicts she will be around 5'3 in height and 108lbs. at maturity, WELL that is her mama all made over, ha ha ha

13 1/2 pounds
25.5 length

10-13-09 Updated Autumn Milestones

Autumn is now started to roll from back to her belly and and is balancing on all four's in the crawl position. She is not yet crawling. She is also starting to pull up on things but not all the way up yet, just off her rear end.

10-10-09 New Photos of Autumn at 6 1/2 mos.

Autumn's 1st Winter Coat

10-09-09 - Autumn learning to balance for future crawling

Autumn is slowing learning to balance on all fours when I place her in that position, a future crawler in the works . . .