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Sean & Tammy Smith We are the proud Parents of little Miss Autumn Marie Smith and look forward to everyone joining us on this journey of information and photos from the beginning of the pregnancy to the birth and enjoying our baby with us.


Autumn visits with Book Author/Friend Carol Pendergrass

We all had an AWESOME AWESOME visit with Carol Pendergrass today, a close friend and Author of the book "Gone Mad", a book that is about my Grandpa Halladay's terminal disease Lewy Body, that she experienced with her own loss of her husband to this horrible horrible disease and wrote about it. We had the most awesome time talking and sharing stories. I Autumn kept her quite entertained and occupied as well and took up to Carol immediately. I made sure I dropped my crayon down her shirt only to have her experience me digging for it, I also dipped straws in her Dr. Pepper drink, only to make sure she wore some of her soda pop as well and I also decided to play with the blinds and spill tea all over the table so that it could drip off the table onto Carol's fancy purse. Once Carol cleaned her purse up, she pulled out the Credit Card wallet, let me play with it, pull out all the credit cards and kept me entertained. Hey I know a good woman when I see one, he he he he. Anyhow here is me and Carol today sooooooo loving each other's company.

More Vigil (Grandparents & Uncle) visit photos

11-3-10 Autumn's Wellness Drs. Appt. today

Autumn's Pediatrician reviewed her appt. results yesterday from the walk-in Dr. we saw, said her fluid on her ears were already clearing up and so the Medicine's were already starting to work, yeahhh . . .

He said she was back in her 10th percentile of growth, she had a big growth spurt since her last appt.

Height at: 30 1/2
Weight at: 20 lbs. 4 oz.

Still a petite little girl but growing well . . .

I swear that man is the child whisper as he always calms Autumn down of her fears and gets her to do whatever he asks without crying.

We postponed her vaccines she was supposed to get with her being sick as well.

11-2-10 Autumn Sick

Had to take Autumn to the Doctor, she is sick, stopped up nose, severe matting of the eyes, running low grade fever and coughing off and on. She ended up getting diagnosed with Bronchitis, yeahhhhhhhhh, not fun. Got loads of Meds and hopefully she will get to feeling better soon.

She has her normal wellness appt. tomorrow, they won't let me re-schedule it since it takes so long to get an appt. with my Peditrician, arrrghh, so back out we come with a sick baby tomorrow.