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02-14-09 Our Lamaze Class Experience

Well it of course has been several several years since I attended a Lamaze Class, it all is till intriguing to me, however, for the cost of the class, which was HIGH IMO, I don’t feel we got what was needed.

They had tons of informative DVD’s we watched, posters to look at, items she passed around . . . HOWEVER, we never got down on mats/floor and did any breathing exercises, we did just a few sitting in a circle and that was it. And they never showed us any birthing films of Natural Labor & Delivery and C-section so the men could be prepared. Sean and I both were disappointed at how much it cost and how little they had scaled down in education. Originally the class was supposed to also be from 9am to 4pm, but the class went by so quickly we ended up getting out of there at 2pm, probably because they didn’t have more educational DVD’s or exercises for us to do.

I was the only one in there of older age, ha ha ha ha and the only one that had ever had more then one child, so our questions of course were a bit different from all the new first time mom’s.

I did find out my from the nurse giving the educational class, that my doctor is the conservative one, I was the only one in the class out of my doctor’s office. I don’t have to worry about my doctor inducing me or scheduling a C-section unless it is a plain necessity, both my doctor and the hospital encourage Natural Childbirth as much as possible unless someone has gestational Diabetes. I think there were two girls in our class that had this condition and both were scheduled to be induced early before their due dates.

It was neat seeing all the different size pregnancy bellies, there were only two big bellies in there, mine and another young girl that had gestational diabetes, he he he he

Well that is all I have to report about our class, basically disappointing but did refresh me on things and gave Sean some good information on working with me in labor, etc.

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