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02-04-09 Ankle/Feet Swelling has begun

02-04-09 Pregnancy Update

I have been experiencing the following:

>>>>Blood and excess body fluids "settles" in places during pregnancy, and the vaginal area is very common.

Since I hit my third trimester I am getting new pregnancy symptoms . . .off and on I have been getting swelling on my right side . . .my vaginal area on that same side swells off and on like a balloon and stings. I have found while soaking in a warm tub helps it go down immediately and then during the night it goes all the way back down while I am sleeping, but during the day it slowly begins to swell back up. So, I got the blood flow issues/symptoms all the information list.

Then yesterday on the top of my right foot all those veins that run on the top of your foot, one of them started to sting and swell as if I had accidentally hit it and it was so hard to walk on that foot. I noticed over the night it had gone down and was not painful but the minute I got up and started moving around the pain was coming back in my foot.

The more I try to move around to enhance my blood flow to that side of my body, the more it hurts and swelling starts, so back on the couch with legs in air resting.

I looked it all up online and see where a lot of Mom's experience this in their pregnancies but haven't heard anyone yet mention it yet on my support groups or from my friends that are Prego.

As each day has passed since then both my legs/feet and ankles are now swelling anytime I am on my feet and the swelling does not go down until I go to sleep, then we start a new day of swelling.

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