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Sean & Tammy Smith We are the proud Parents of little Miss Autumn Marie Smith and look forward to everyone joining us on this journey of information and photos from the beginning of the pregnancy to the birth and enjoying our baby with us.


Our BeBe Fetal Heart Monitor

Yesterday on the way to Mom’s for our Xmas gathering, we stopped off and picked up a fetal heartbeat monitor for a whole $6.00, he he he he, another one of my good deals I found.

It is basically an amplified Stethoscope, will be cool to use on me and even the puppies, ha ha ha ha ha, we have a normal stethoscope but it will not pick up the pup heartbeats or the babies, just not sensitive enough.

Right now directions said to use it in the third trimester for the best results on a heartbeat, but we have heard a faint heartbeat so far and when the baby is moving it is perfect for hearing all the bumps against the stethoscope. It has a recording device on it for me to record the sounds, COOL HUH, I will have to play around with it and see how it works between now and the third trimester phase. If I ever get any good sounds, I will record them and send them for folks to listen.

One thing is cool is it can also allow me to record my own heartbeat for after the baby is born to help relax the baby. I will have to do this, that will be COOL . . .

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