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01-13-09 Glucose & Ultrasound Appt. today

We had another appt. today with my OBGYN . . .appt. consisted of the Glucose test for gestational diabetes and my third Ultrasound. Normal testing done when hitting your Third Trimester.

Had to be up at the lab early for the 9am Glucose testing . . .YEAHHH

I made it through the Glucose test, nothing like drinking a 10oz. bottle of pure sugar flavored punch at 930am, being instructed to slam it down fast and then let it sit on the tummy for one hour before they pull the blood sample, YUMMY FUN breakfast. It gave me horrible heartburn. Hopefully test results will come back as me being normal to process the sugars and not having gestational diabetes. Say prayers and keep fingers crossed.

Then after we finished with the Glucose we had to then drive over to the OBGYN office, where they checked all my vitals, all was well, I went from 132lbs. to 138lbs. since my last appt. YEAHH HAWW, growing plump. Then we went in for the US.

Unfortunately we could not get a good head shot of the baby so I could have a facial memento for my baby book. The baby is already in position with the head way down in my pelvis area, Way down, but the Dr. did not seem too worried or did not speak much of it, at the head depth of position within my pelvis at this point other than to say he had hoped the baby didn’t drop down too much more. Now I know why the heck I can barely walk, have so much pain in my pelvis, why I can’t hold my urine for no more then 45 mins. And why I am waddling so bad, got the head in between my legs already. At least that explains to me where all the babies body parts are and what position so I know what is poking/Kicking where.

Baby is taking up ALL space, ha ha ha, and doctor said the heart was great with the four chambers present, heart rate at 149.68bpm. Baby has the three vessel/blood in the Cord and all the measurements he took puts the baby at a weight 2lb. 10oz. WOW, already almost three pounds, YEAHHH . . . we still have a ways to go yet.

I got tons of US photos but nothing worth sharing as all they show is the body measurement he was taking, since at this stage the baby is big enough to be taking up all the space within my tummy and you can’t get all of the baby on one view. We were bummed totally no profile or head shot, but the main thing is hearing baby is healthy, growing well and all is well and looking good.

SEX CONFIRMED “IT’S A GIRL”, so her name is Autumn Marie Smith . . . . .we are so excited we are confirmed for a second time to be having a baby girl. Now we can go ahead and buy those PINK clothes. Daddy Sean is SUPER excited . . .

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