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11-18-08 Dr. appt. following ER Scare - 20wks

Hi all, well I had my appt. today with my OBGYN following the Emergency Room scare we had and I know everyone is eager to hear how it went.

I went in and they ran the normal diagnostics on me, Temperature check, blood pressure and weight check (getting fat, ha ha ha ha). While seeing the Doctor he checked the baby’s growth measurement and fetal heartbeat and all was well and strong. Next he wanted to check my cervix to make sure it had not changed and it had not, he said it was nice and long and tight. He also took a swab on me and urine sample. Baby is moving real good and growing well.

Urine sample results showed it was very concentrated and I am not drinking enough water, so got that little slap on the hand to DRINK MORE MORE WATER. I had slacked off my normal intake of water and was drinking more Lipton Green Tea, so back on the water binge.

Once finished I asked him what might have brought on the brief bleeding/spotting I had and he simply said using a medical word that there is a sinus???? in there that might have been the culprit, he just was not sure, however, this early in gestational stage he said that an ultrasound would not pin point any problems. So he said if it occurred again when I was further along, pass 24 wks gestation that he would have a better chance seeing any issues on the Ultrasound, IFFFF it ever happened again. He said everything looked good, sounded good and no worrying at this point unless I experienced blood with severe cramping.

I also got a copy of my blood screening they did to check for Open Neural Tube Defect, Down Syndrome, Trisomy 18 risks and all came back NORMAL, NOT AT INCREASED RISK. So we are good on all that stuff, YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

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