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11-15-08 Scare Update

So today I have been on bed rest until the bleeding or spotting stops and it has worked so far so good, not even browning, baby is still moving, but I am emotionally worn out and petrified to even move now. They told me it was okay to go forward with my normal activities and to follow up with my normal OBGYN on Tues., but how do you function after this and not over worry? I feel also if I am not mentally distracted I will break out in tears at any drop of a hat because I can't shake the experience nor the worry ahead of me.

No they didn't do an ultrasound the ER doctor said the Techs were not there and it would take over 2 hrs. to get them to the ER to do a Ultrasound and she really felt all was okay with me and the baby. They she went as well and spoke with her Colleage about me and then called the OBGYN on call from my Doctor's office who gave her the instruction to check my Cervix.

Between going from home when spotting the blood to the ER, it had tapered off to a light pink again, but the minute she checked my cervix and then I went to potty while still in the ER, it started the red blood back up, then between going back home and the ER it went back to light pink. Now I am having NONE, yeahhh. I had browned a bit the next day after bed resting but NOTHING by that evening nor today, my prayers are answered.

I got to thinking I had some vaginal itching a few days before during the week and didn't think much on it thinking me just getting too hot in clothes and pregnancy raising my hot flashes, as I am prone to yeast infections real easy even out of pregnancy, but it never turned into a yeast infection and went away so I blew it out of my mind. So I am thinking maybe that was the culprit? Either way I will be telling my Dr. all this on Tuesday when I call for the follow up on what happened and see what he wants to do at this point, he might call me something in.

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