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Sean & Tammy Smith We are the proud Parents of little Miss Autumn Marie Smith and look forward to everyone joining us on this journey of information and photos from the beginning of the pregnancy to the birth and enjoying our baby with us.


"My Puppy - by Salina Yoon" BOOK

This child's book is insane in the story text. Me and hubby can't help but laugh when Autumn wants us to read it to her, check out the text, I will outline it out, check out those photos. Can you believe this book.

I go walking down the street. I have things to do and people to meet!
First things first, what's that I see? A fire hydrant - time to go pee!
A couple of friends come down my way. They tickle me - it's fun to play!
Back to business, one-two-three. Look what I made - a little poopy!
I always want to come back home. I get a big hug and a juicy bone!

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