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05-09-10 Autumn Scares Mommy on Mother's Day

Just had a major scare, had to call an ambulance for Autumn, I gave her some generic brand Tylenol with regular brand Tylenol being on recall and some oragel back to back for her teething at the same time. She instantly starting screaming a scream I could not console no matter what I tried and she was posturing and gasping for air.

The Ambulance said she must have swallowed it all down the wrong pipe, or she was so numb she had trouble swallowing, with her mouth and her wind pipe being numb. All I remember is she started screaming on me and putting her hands to her mouth. And then she was gasping for air. I tell you I thought I was going to loose it, she is okay now, by the time the ambulance arrived after me frantically running back and forth to my neighbors house who is a trained EMT but was gone to Church and me running in and out of the house, she was breathing normal and okay, just worn out from the screaming and me screaming and scaring us. Even thou the Ambulance attendees said she appeared fine, I wouldn't let them leave without checking her vitals. I didn't give em' time to do anything before I was telling them what to do to her, check this check that, ha ha ha ha . . . It is going to take me a few days to stop crying over this, it scared me so bad.

So I guess be careful what you combine on your little ones during teething, I must have combined it too soon. But I am not sure I can bring myself to use either again after that scare, arrghhh

I tell you what, that Ambulance could NOT get here fast enough, I know now the feeling people feel waiting on an Ambulance on how time seems to stand still and turn into slow motion.

Between the two all I know is it overwhelmed her and scared me to death. Now I will have this fear in the back of my head to give her anything regarding meds. Between her reaction to Penicillin and now this, arrrghhh . . .

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