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Had my 6 wk Post Opt Drs. appt. today

I had my 6 wk post opt today, it was a half and half day. I get there, wait two freak'n hours between the waiting room, the room and then him checking me. He said my uterus has not returned to normal yet, still have 4 wks to go for that, but I got cleared to do normal activity, sex and driving. Altho he said to take it easy on all. He confirmed I did have my tubal I had requested, THANK GOODNESS and that I was immediately sterile once I left the operating table.

Then he proceeds to tell me one of the blood work samples the hospital took came back with questionable results and that I was to go to the hospital lab for them to redraw the sample for no charge so they could get the questionable results off my record. Supposedly I had tested negative for my RH antibodies in the beginning but when I was hospitalized to have Autumn, after birth, I had tested positive and they thought it was a screw up and wanted to retest it. DAMN THAT HOSPITAL! I had already had so many issues with them and now they pull this crap on me. So off I go to the damn Hospital again yet for another blood drawing. My veins are still knotted and haven't even recovered from when I was there 6 wks ago, which they avoided today on answering me on why my veins were still knotted up.

So, I get out of there and on the way home stopped off at my local county clerk office to pick up my babies birth certificate. So she prints it out, hands it to me and it is half the size of an 8 x 10 sheet and has NO information on it for Autumn to have available to her about herself besides her name, her parents name, birth date and county she was born in. No weight, height, etc. So I am looking at the clerk like she is a moroon and say, ahhhh, where is the long form that shows all her information? She says, ohhh, you needed to go to the county she was born in, not your resident county, to get the long form version. The one I gave you is perfectly legal it is just a short version. I am like NO WAY!!! So she says, I'm sorry I should have asked you, I didn't realize you weren't aware of that, as since I recorded it and printed it, I have to charge you for this one, but you can still go to the county where she was born and pick up the long form version. I WAS PISSED!!! I told her that was totally unfair on the financial end and that I was just there today in that county for my own doctor's visit and that now I was going to have to spend additional funds and time to go get my child a proper looking birth certificate that will give her the information she may want to know about herself, besides what I tell her by mouth, so she will have it one day.

Sooooooooooo, take NOTE, make sure you get your birth certificates in the county your child is born in, as what she did was just go pull it up and print it on their legal formatted paper, signed it, charged me for it and said "here you go, Congratulations"! Arrgghhhh

It still is shocking the hell out me and keeping me in fumes.

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