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Sean & Tammy Smith We are the proud Parents of little Miss Autumn Marie Smith and look forward to everyone joining us on this journey of information and photos from the beginning of the pregnancy to the birth and enjoying our baby with us.


05-27-09 Autumn Enjoys her bath time

Autumn entertained us tonight in the bath, she got super excited tonight kicking and moving her legs so hard she was splashing both me and her, I hollered at Sean to come watch her and we were just cracking up at how much fun she has in her baths, especially with tonight's new found entertainment she discovered. We always feel so bad when it is time to get her out of her bath time, because she gets so upset we are getting out, she literally throws such a fit that we have to calm her down afterwards, ha ha ha ha ha . . . so Mommy always waits to do bath time very late close to her sleep time so once she is calmed down she is worn out between her bath and throwing a fit that she passes out to sleep, he he he he

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