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Oct. 7, 08 - Our Second Doctor's Appt.

Oct. 7th, doctor’s appt.:
okay here is what happened with my 2nd doctor’s appt. that I had yesterday. We arrived and I got called back by the nurse to begin. Sean had decided he did not want to go into the exam room anymore so he waited out in the waiting room for me. After losing a significant amount of weight due to my pregnancy sickness for the first three months, I am back on the upswing of gaining weight. I weighed one pound under what I originally weighed when I went in to confirm the pregnancy, which made me happy to see I am back to gaining weight or at least the baby is helping me gain weight, ha ha ha. Blood pressure GOOD.

While going through the weight check and blood pressure check the nurse I had was not one I really enjoy getting, she is older and reminds me of my last boss in tactfulness, age, looks and attitude, YIPPEE! Anyhow, she began to tell me that the appointment that would follow this one would consist of me being screened for possible positive results of the baby having birth defects. Then she rolled right off her tongue that if the results came back positive would I be terminating the pregnancy and that would I be going to Houston to have the Amniotesis, HUH???

For one I did not realize I had to make a decision on the spot and two, it caught me so off guard emotionally in her lack of caring attitude that I lost my speech. Finally I found my tongue and told her I could not answer any of those questions or decisions at this time until the screening was performed and the results given to me. I told her “One Step At A Time Please”! This of course left me totally shook up and an emotional wreck.

Off to my room we went and I was left sitting of course to ponder on the nurse upsetting me. Doc came in, measured my belly, I got to listen to the baby’s heartbeat (Sean missed this not coming into the exam room with me), we talked about some things going on with me as I have found out the hard way I am Lactose intolerant and cannot handle any citrus type foods or drinks, etc. He said everything looked good and sent me over to the lab.

We had to drive to a Diagnostic Imaging place (Lab), over by the hospital, which took a chore to get to that location due to road construction, and I had to have a blood test and give the ole’ urine sample. Both of these were to establish a baseline on everything on me (Cholestoral, HIV, Platelets, Sugars, etc.)

When we left the lab, I finally emotionally broke down from being rattled by the nurse at the doc’s office and poked and prodded on at both and had to let it all out in tears and thank goodness Sean was with me to comfort me in my pregnancy emotional upset caused by the mean ole’ nurse.
Well I had already decided that I did not want to go through the Amnio testing after tons of heavy thinking it over and over and I will still stand by that decision. I am so far along now, and knew I would be further along by the time they did do an Amnio if I agreed and then, I would then have to wait an additional 2-3 wks for those results putting me further along, to me that is too long to even consider a termination, especially knowing what would be involved in terminating a pregnancy surgically after being that far along. So I had decided I did NOTTT want to know if something was wrong with my baby because I couldn’t handle that emotional ride knowing something was wrong from the results to delivery. So when the nurse HIT ME with this I got super upset because as I said I DON’T WANT TO KNOW and thought I was out of the woods in worrying over it as I was not going to have an Amnio done, if something is wrong on top of her hitting me with the termination BS. So I got totally rattled and upset, being prego emotionally did NOT help, I couldn’t even eat my lunch with Sean out in a restaurant without the tears flowing as he was full of questions on the blood test to come, etc. NOW, I am NOT looking forward to my next doctor’s appt. at all where it consist of the blood testing. I looked it up and I know the blood testing will not exactly tell me what is wrong but will only tell me if I am in the risk factor of yes the baby could have something wrong, but I didn’t even want to know that after all this pregnancy time. I know it is all routine and I need to get over this but it is sort of like the mom that doesn’t want to know the sex, I DO, but when we don’t want to know, we don’t want to know.
I am now scheduled for my third doctor’s appt. in three weeks, Oct. 28th, to get the Screening done for the birth defect possibilities, which has me all worked up and worried and my 2nd trimester ultrasound, which hopefully we can find out the sex of the baby at that time. So I will update everyone again very soon.

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