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10-30-08 My Second Trimester Worries

The latest is I am worrying over is my eating habits. I don't want to eat, nothing is appealing to me at all in the house or outside of the house (Restaurants) . I am worried I won't gain the proper weight or provide the proper nutrition for the baby if I don't want to eat that much or stuff myself. I seem to be bird picking at food just periodically through the day, sort of like I did while going through my 1st trimester all day morning sickness, but catch is, this time I am able to at least hold down what I do eat.

So I will be scrambling to correct this problem through reading, doctor instructions and attempts to stuff myself.

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R - C said...

Sorry you are worrying about your diet... I am sure the doctor has given you some comfort that all is well. Don't worry - you were so sick before & I would think eating small snack type meals throughout the entire day is much better than eating only 3 meals. Just try to eat veggies, nuts, fruit & protein and you should be covering everything.