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Autumn's 2009 July 4th Experience

Hey, well had to tell all about our reunion experience. You know me I love to tell a story and boy is this one a doozy for us.

Saturday July 4th we drove 2 hours to Ramyor, TX to the family reunion. Right before we pulled up I decided to feed Autumn so she would be nice and non-hungry cranky. She had not slept much on the trip there, just a doze here and there, so I assumed she would not stay awake long to visit.

After we existed the vehicle my brother and his family was outside so our visit started there, they had not yet seen Autumn in person. My brother immediately took her and she did real well, puckered her lower lip a bit but endured the visit with him. After that we made our way quickly into the house because it was so hot outside. The house was of course loaded with all the folks and was loud in noise but she is used to loud noises for the most part. Before I could get out of the hallway where the kitchen and hall intersect the family was on us like flies to see Autumn, he he he he. Unfortunately, due to our rural living and us choosing NOT to associate with our neighbors for various reasons, Autumn has not had a lot of folks all in her face per say, we really have had no visitors come see her, she has been out and about in stores, Walmart, mall, etc. just not had folks surround her and be all in her face or handle her. Well this showed up drastically in her reaction. Autumn got overwhelmed when about 5 folks got into her face at one time and she began to cry and that turned into a full blown screaming frenzy. The screaming lasted so long I began to stress badly. Everyone felt so bad for scaring her and was trying to help me by offering to take her to help calm her down but all that did was make it worse for Autumn and stress me out more in my efforts to calm her down. I went back outside to get away from everyone and her screaming in everyone’s ear range, to let her calm down, I FINALLY got her calm down and we tried again to enter the house. As I re-entered the house, everyone stayed backed off of her and me and I made the comment to just let me mingle around the room and to not approach her until she adjusted but everyone had already knew that, except, well a new comer into the reunion did not know what had happened before and approached her and the screaming frenzy was on again. I was so embarrassed, stressed and just at a loss for words to make it easier on Autumn.

By this time it was too hot to go back outside again and I was stressed out royally to where when Mom tried to approach me I was just mouthing to leave us alone until I could fix this situation, sorry Mom, Autumn’s mommy stressed OUT. So I went into the room where my dad was resting and sat in a corner on the floor and broke down crying with Autumn, I had to release some stress myself. Finally getting her to nurse and calm down, and me too, we slowly started over again for the third time. This time we just stood in the room with the door open and watched everyone from the door way. Then after awhile we bee lined it to the living room and watched everyone eat, that helped a bit as it was a bit more quiet with everyone stuffing their faces. By the time everyone finished eating Autumn had passed out in the chair I was rocking her in, from exhaustion. I took a breath of relief, put her down to sleep and barely could eat after that I was so stressed out and worn out myself. Poor thing slept hard for about an hour.

Okay, she wakes up, and now we are wondering will this be round 2 or will she be okay with sleep under her belt now. So this time we all moved slowly, everyone was leery of upsetting her, ha ha ha ha. I had already made up my mind if she went into another screaming frenzy I was leaving the reunion and going home, I just could NOT handle it again. Well to our luck, she woke up I think and realized all those noisy folks did not disappear and meant her no harm and mom was there when she woke up. So we took it slow, mingled again, a few folks spoke to her, she gave off her wonderful smiles and then she was able to start enjoying herself and everyone around her enjoyed her. I of course never relaxed because I was worrying the whole time who will set her off again, so basically I walked on pins and needles after she woke up. She did better the second half then I did, geezzz

When we got home, all of us were so exhausted, we all passed out early and slept so hard. I wish my uncle did not live such a long drive from us or I would be going back today since a lot of the family is still there today including my mom. I talked to my mom this morning and she said I was the same way as a little baby and that Autumn would be okay.

Sooo, that was my July 4th day and here are a few shots we got off, of course, after she calmed down and adjusted.

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