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Sean & Tammy Smith We are the proud Parents of little Miss Autumn Marie Smith and look forward to everyone joining us on this journey of information and photos from the beginning of the pregnancy to the birth and enjoying our baby with us.


Christmas Day at the Smith House

Well as you know our Christmas here was a disaster. The week leading up to Christmas was a hectic one in finishing up shopping and cooking for actual Christmas Day. Then you emailed and said you were not coming, I should have taken that as a sign. Friday night (Christmas Eve) I got a horrible stomach virus, thought it was food poisoning and ended up being an actual stomach bug I had. Spent all of Friday night on the tiolet with my head either in the trash can or in the tub cause I was existing body fluids from both ends. By the time Christmas arrived I was too sick, exhausted and too weak to even make the drive over to mom's house. We barely made it that morning for me to watch Autumn open her gifts cause I kept having to make rush bathroom breaks. I spent the rest of Christmas Day in the bed literally listening to Sean try to hold the house fort down and deal with a toddler, he didn't manage very well, he will lie and tell you he did but he didn't, ha ha ha ha

Day after Christmas I managed to feel a lot better and we were up and moving to get out the door to go to Mom's to have Christmas. About an hour and half into the car ride there I started feeling ill again, the bouncing and vibrating of the car was starting to wreck havoc on my stomach, thank goodness I managed to hold it all in for the last 30 min. drive. I sure hate that drive to Mom's with it being so long. When we arrived of course I am ready mentally to go but my body is ready to slow down, but I got NOOO down time.

I went in and visited dad, he looked REAL BAD, and is now on full time Oxygen with his nasal tubes. Then the cooking began. After we all opened presents, I went in and helped Mom feed Dad. Mom's turn to take a bathroom break leaving me to tend to dad. Alone in his room, the quiet the hospital type setting, me feeding him, listening to the oxygen machine pump up and down to where it sounded like a ventilator set me off in emotions, I teared up REAL QUICK, and when Mom got back to finish up bringing dad his desert I let Mom take over and had to leave for a bit. It was so overwhelming with the machine going and his appearance. Mom had already made the comment while we were just talking during eating time that Dad had gone down hill quite a bit since we were last over 2 wks ago. I could see that without her even stating that to me. Time is sooo precious right now.

On the way home I got to feeling bad from all of the energy usage I didn't have from being over at Mom's and my emotions overwhelmed me. When I got home I was so sick to my stomach, the combo of everything just was too much. But I did manage NOT to vomit or be sick from the other end anymore. However . . . . . . . .

At 3am, Autumn woke us both us vomiting all over us and the bed, and her vomiting did not stop until 6am. We finally got rest from 630am to 9am when Sean woke me up to get a report of how the night finished out from me waking him at 3am.

We decided to take Autumn to the doctor and got confirmation she had a stomach bug which I gave her, yeee hawww . . .Sean is at risk now since Autumn threw up on him, I sure hope he doesn't get it, this is an AWLFUL STOMACH BUG. Autumn is already doing much better, no more fever and is actually back to eating, holding down foods and liquids and playing. One plus thing, it is a short lived stomach bug of about 24 to 48 hrs. depending on age and health. But I am worn out worn out worn out between me being sick, Day after Christmas and then up all night and day caring for Autumn. So it is taking me longer of course to get over all this mess.

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