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Sean & Tammy Smith We are the proud Parents of little Miss Autumn Marie Smith and look forward to everyone joining us on this journey of information and photos from the beginning of the pregnancy to the birth and enjoying our baby with us.


02-15-2010 Autumn Volunteers at Texas A&M Infant Cognition Lab

Just got back from the Infant Cognition Lab/Physiology Dept. at Texas A&M, was an interesting and un-impressive visit IMO. Upon our arrival we filled out the proper paperwork giving them permission to test Autumn and Video tape her. Then Sean had to take cards with questions on it (A damn stack) and put them in slots ranking them from 1 to 9. While he was doing that I attended to Autumn while two girls sat on the floor and played with her with toys. Then we were shuffled into a small room where we sat across from one of the female students. A long curtain hung next to her when another student hid behind the curtain handing her toys to present to Autumn. Object was to present toys to Autumn in front of the female student to see which toy Autumn would crawl too. There was nothing impressive about any of the toys in colors or shapes and it was only presented to her around 5 times. It was so short and so IMO un-educational that I left laughing at how I found the testing a bit of a joke and was nervous about the physiology our Students are learning in their fields. They asked me to come back next month for different testing but I am not sure if I want to do it, I was NOT IMPRESSED.

Anyhow she got a cute little Texas A&M Infant Cognition Lab Maroon colored T-shirt and a certificate of appreciation for participating.

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